The need for compact smartphones appears among those who need to carry the phone in a small purse or pocket, and outwardly a small phone looks prettier. Finding a compact smartphone with decent parameters is not an easy task, but we will try to do it.

Modern phones are crammed with capacious processors, batteries, and a variety of sensors. Also, manufacturers strive to ensure that the user is pleased to watch movies on smartphones and play games. But not everyone has time for games and movies, some use the phone only for calls at work. If you are one of these people, we suggest you “walk” through our round-up of the best compact smartphones for 2021.

These are the 10 best compact smartphones

1. Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple IPhone 12 Mini

Dimensions: width-64.2 mm, height-131.5 mm, thickness – 7.4 mm.

Price: ₹ 67,100.00

Do you want to purchase a convenient and multifunctional smartphone that, among other things, would satisfy your requirements in terms of compact dimensions? Then be sure to take a look at the Apple iPhone 12 mini!

This baby from Apple, despite its size, can do a lot. For example, shoot, edit and play HDR video in Dolby Vision cinematic quality. MagSafe accessories quickly magnetize and provide fast wireless charging. Users are pleased with the dimensions – Apple iPhone 12 mini is smaller than 7, and the quality and stabilization are the same.

2. BlackBerry Motion Dual Sim

BlackBerry Motion Dual Sim

Dimensions: width-75.5 mm, height-155.8 mm, thickness-12 mm.

Price: N/A

The first thing I want to note about the BlackBerry Motion Dual Sim smartphone is its autonomy. Not charging the phone for 2 days in a row is very powerful, especially considering that the phone is not just lying, but actively used (for the camera, calls, social networks, etc.)

The second thing that will definitely surprise you is the performance. In the process of work, there are no freezes and lags.

Conventionally, the following advantages of BlackBerry Motion Dual Sim can be distinguished:

  • Excellent 12 MP camera;
  • Reliability in terms of Assembly;
  • Solid design;
  • Large battery capacity.

With this smartphone, you will also be surprised by the excellent loud sound (similar to stereo). The assembly and the quality of the materials of the smartphone definitely evoke respect.

3. Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

Dimensions: width-69 mm, height-147 mm, thickness-8 mm.

Price: N/A

The powerful Google Pixel 4 smartphone handles 3D games brilliantly and captures incredible photos. Heavy games like PUBG Mobile are just fluttering here! The model is supported by 3-year updates to the latest Android versions.

This model does not have a fingerprint scanner, as it is replaced by powerful face recognition technology. The system instantly unlocks your phone even if you don’t touch it. With a 16 + 12 resolution dual camera, the phone captures every detail – you can even get a clear image of the Milky Way against the night sky! Everything is perfect in this phone: sound, microphone, camera – you can also appreciate it, like other users.

4. Apple iPhone SE 2020

Apple IPhone SE 2020

Dimensions: width-67.3 mm, height-138.4 mm, thickness-7.3 mm.

Price: ₹ 29,999.00

Apple iPhone SE 2020 has a compact design and a powerful processor. It was created in order to become ideal for its user and delight him at any time. The model is equipped with a 4.7-inch screen and a resolution of 1334 × 750. The display is manufactured using IPS technology.

Internal memory: 64 GB, which is more than enough to download all modern applications and games. The glass is made of aluminum and is durable. You will definitely appreciate the stunning 4.7-inch Retina HD display, long battery life, and of course, compactness.

5. Samsung Galaxy A41

Samsung Galaxy A41

Dimensions: width-69.8 mm, height-149.9 mm, thickness-7.9 mm.

Price: N/A

Many users left reviews about it after purchasing the miniature Samsung Galaxy A41. Let’s find out what they say about the phone. First of all, the smartphone attracts with its compactness, capacious battery (it lasts for the whole day). Secondly, the smartphone has a good camera and a very high-quality display.

With a high pixel density (431 PPI), graininess will not spoil your video viewing experience, and your eyes will not fatigue from looking at the screen for long periods of time. Support for 4G networks ensures the best quality mobile connection, wherever you are.

6. Jelly 2

Jelly 2

Dimensions: width – 49.5 mm, height – 95 mm, thickness – 16.5 mm.

Price: ₹ 14,995.00

The miniature smartphone Jelly 2 looks more like a toy, but in fact, it is a serious phone that combines a large number of functions based on Android 10. This baby is equipped with a 3-inch display with a resolution of 480×854 and a protective Gorilla Glass coating.

Also, the smartphone can boast of the presence of 2 cameras: 8MP – front and 16MP with flash on the back. The toolbar in the pre-installed Jelly 2 programs contains many useful utilities that extend the functionality of your phone: flashlight, compass, speedometer, and even heart rate!

For reference: Jelly 2 is an improved model of the 2017 Jelly Pro smartphone.

7. Sony Xperia 5

Sony Xperia 5

Dimensions: width-68 mm, height-158 mm, thickness – 8.2 mm.

Price: N/A

The Sony Xperia 5 is beautiful in any color available, but most of all, according to buyers, it looks chic in gray. Depending on the lighting, the color looks both white and light gray with a metallic sheen. For lovers of compact devices, its dimensions are simply unmatched!

This smartphone fits perfectly into your pocket or into a small purse. The Sony Xperia 5 phone was able to combine the most advanced technologies: OLED matrix, IP68 protection, which protects the smartphone from dust and moisture. An 8-core processor with 6 GB of RAM is responsible for the performance of this model.

8. Ulefone Armor 3T

Ulefone Armor 3T

Dimensions: width-77.13 mm, height-158 mm, thickness-13.8 mm.

Price: N/A

For many, a long charge is a priority. Especially important for those who are always on the road and often use the phone. I would like to immediately please those who have looked after themselves Ulefone Armor 3T – it has a huge battery, you will be delighted!

Also, the obvious advantages are shock resistance and water resistance. You might not decide to dive with your phone, but this bonus is still nice. A walkie-talkie works well in this stylish phone – perfect for cyclists on massive walks.



Dimensions: width-70.9 mm, height-146.5 mm, thickness-8.3 mm.

Price: ₹ 6,499.00

The simple smartphone HONOR 9S (as the manufacturers themselves call it kindly) is rather laconic without the pretense of high speed of “flight” of applications and other programs. Ideal for work. The battery of the smartphone holds a charge for a long time, so it can be taken on long trips.

Despite the low cost (₹ 6,499.00), the phone looks expensive outwardly and can give odds to many analogues. Most often, this phone with primitive functions is bought for children so that they can make calls. If you are looking for a simple compact smartphone for messengers, Facebook, Google Map, then you have found it!

10. OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5

Dimensions: width-74.1 mm, height-154.2 mm, thickness-7.3 mm.

Price: ₹ 39,583.00

“Boost charging is divine! The set comes with a nice case and a protective film is glued to the phone, ”one of the owners of the stylish OnePlus 5 enthusiastically commented on his purchase.

According to users, this compact smartphone was one of the most powerful in 2017. It has an amazing camera and powerful apparatus. OnePlus 5 provides its owner with fast downloading of any files and high speed of instant messengers. A smartphone with a size of 64 GB, even without removable storage, can accommodate a serious amount of games and multimedia files.

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