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Time to eat: 6 of the most delicious and healthy snacks


Healthy snacks: Usually, when you really want to eat on hand, as luck would have it, there is nothing sensible and useful. And what we do in this situation? Then a snack? Bun, biscuits, and buttermilk (well not quite that bad)? Yes, we knew! So, enough to do it! Read this material and begin to finally correct bite. You’ll see: figure will be grateful.

Did you know that snacking can speed up the metabolism? Yes, and no low-carb diet or the Japanese diet you no longer need. We need only to know how to snack. This easy to learn: just eat the right foods when snacking. As you may have guessed, the speech will go not about sandwiches. So you have 6 options not only tasty but also healthy snacks which are also very easy and quick to prepare.

1. Curd with dressing

Who said that nothing can be added to cottage cheese because it is harmful to the figure? Nothing like this, a cottage cheese snack can be sweet! For this, you need everything — nothing — cottage cheese and your favorite honey. Season your serving with 2-3 tablespoons of honey, mix and use.

2. Greek yogurt

From Greek yogurt (another name – filtered yogurt), you can make a cool snack. It is enough to add honey, any syrup (your favorite) or jam to yogurt. A great idea is to put yogurt in the freezer and enjoy a tasty and healthy (oh, yes, also low-calorie) snack in an hour.

3. Smoothies

To make a delicious smoothie, first, find out which fruits can be combined with each other so as not to harm your stomach. The most delicious smoothie is made from strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries and citrus fruits. Add milk or yogurt (preferably natural) to fruit, kefir or ice cream. Experiment, it’s very delicious!

4. Omelet with vegetables

If you are where there is a stove, we advise you to choose this option snack. The recipe for such an omelet is simple: fry tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and basil in a skillet. Take the egg, separating the white from the yolk. Pour the protein mass into the pan, cover and cook over low heat. A good dose of protein will energize you for the rest of the day!

5. Strawberries with chocolate

Yes, yes, this item is not at all superfluous. As you know, strawberries – a source of vitamin C. In addition, it removes excess fluid from the body. Bitter chocolate – a champion in the content of antioxidants – increases the tone of the whole organism, improving your performance and endurance. We guarantee: such a tandem will not only satisfy but also raise your spirits.

6. Fruit Ice

Indispensable for the summer season! To make fruit ice, you need fruit syrup and natural juice. Grind fruits or berries in a blender to a state of mashed potatoes, add fruit juice and syrup to it. Pour the mixture into the molds (do not forget the ice sticks) and freeze. Wait until the future delicacy completely hardens, and then enjoy the cooling fruit flavor! Such a snack is not only tasty but also a useful alternative to the usual ice cream with a minimum amount of calories (100 calories per serving).

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