The living room is perhaps the most important piece of furniture that might be worthwhile to add a bit of extra money on. Here are the year’s five best televisions appliances.


Top-notch televisions


It only takes a few seconds to note that the LG OLED55B7V can easily measure the best LCD monitors out there in terms of black and contrast. Not only that – it reminds a lot about LG’s own E7 model in clean and cut picture quality! The sound is a little bit spicy, but for those who want the best possible picture at a reasonable price, LG’s budget OLED is one of the best TV bargains you can do right now.

Price: 2,03,953 INR

Rating: 5


High end

Sony Bravia KD-65A1

Sony’s first true OLED-sized home screen and a washable premium TV with premium design and sound. The Sony screen is characterized by unusually stylish design, new speaker design and above all the rugged picture quality we associate with OLED. The combination of outstanding features makes this a rare-type wild-haired tv – and a worthy winner of this year’s high-end cup!

Price: 3,83,320 INR

Score: 4



Samsung The Frame

The Frame is a very discreet and nice TV with a fancy image. The slim, minimalist design with wooden veneer and super-soft wall bracket makes the screen fit in smoothly in the other interior. With Samsung’s “Art Mode” gallery on top of everything, you get a TV that looks great, both when turned on and when it’s turned off. Even though there are televisions out there with more extreme image performance, there are few that can compete with Samsung’s well-designed, interior-friendly design.

Price: 1,59,999 INR

Rating: 4

Panasonic TX 65EX 780E


The venerable Panasonic tends to be a safe tv choice. Their models are not necessarily the most cutting-edge design or the most innovative features, but when it comes to picture quality, they have always had a reliable reputation for delivering. So it is with 65EX780E also, the best new LCD screen, the Panasonic has to offer in 2017. This is an excellent tv with great performance in almost all areas. The picture quality is excellent for movies, games, and comics thanks to the Panasonic’s excellent image processing. Good settings from the factory and record delay make it a perfect all-round tv.

Price: 2,03,774 INR

Rating: 4


All-rounder OLED

Philips 55POS9002

Philips has taken the best screen technology and seasoned with Ambilight ambient light. The result is 55POS9002, an Android TV with an image beyond the usual. Philips has finished Ambilight since 2004 and the OLED model has extra powerful LED projectors with greater reach on the top and sides. The projection of colors on the wall behind has a pleasing effect that gives both more empathy and less tired eyes. In addition, all well-known OLED grades and those who are used to LCD learning see a big difference! One of the coolest video experiences you can get today.

Price: 2,44,806 INR

Rating: 4

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