The top 10 smallest breeds of dogs


The first, a domesticated animal – a dog – has been a devoted friend and assistant for many millennia. During this time there was a huge number of the most diverse breeds, and the appearance of the dogs underwent significant changes. So there were lovely miniature pets, ideal for keeping in urban apartments. We “Sprintally” represents the smallest breeds of dogs that exist today.

1. Chihuahua


Origin: Mexico

Height: 15-23 centimeters

Weight: 1.5 to 3 kilograms

The smallest and most popular breed of dogs to date, especially in elite circles. Do not look at the small height and weight of the funny dog, she has the character of a fighter. The attempt to stroke the Chihuahua without her approval is fraught with a stitch by the hand. She will do it quietly, without barking and warning. Chihuahua can safely be left on guard for a women’s handbag. Be confident – except her mistress no one will touch her. There is a short-haired and long-haired varieties of this breed and a variety of different colors. Chihuahua differ in kind, sociable manner, but they are also easily offended and prone to jealousy. Therefore, you should take seriously the neighborhood of a dog with young children. These baby dolls are restless, agile and inquisitive. Chihuahua do not like strangers, and in the owners prefer to choose one person.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Origin: England

Height: 16-20 centimeters

Weight: 2 to 3.5 kilograms

Funny little dogs of this breed have become very popular over the past decade. Yorkshire Terriers are mobile, energetic, funny, courageous and friendly. They quickly become attached to the owners and become excellent companions for children and adults. Due to the high level of intelligence, dogs learn quickly, and their training is one complete pleasure. The nature of these pussies is peaceful, but restless. Even in the middle of the night, they can recall their presence with barking bark. But Yorkshire terriers are not jealous, tolerant of competitors and easily get along with all family members or other pets. Within the breed, there are three varieties of Yorkshire terriers: micro, mini and standard.

3. Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz

Origin: Germany

Height: 18-22 centimeters

Weight: 1.5 to 3.5 kilograms

Funny and charming animals are popular among many famous aristocrats, artists, writers, and artists. After all, the pretty face of this fluffy lump cannot help but evoke emotion. Because of its “heightened” furriness, Spitzes seem larger than they actually are. Pomeranian Spitz is an active and playful dog with a sonorous voice and high intelligence. These dogs are very attached to the owner, they adjust to his routine and habits. For the housewife, the Spitz will be a regular company on the couch, and with an active lifestyle lover, he will gladly rush through the streets in any weather. Pomeranian Spitz: unpretentious in care, enduring, resistant to diseases and infections, quickly adapts to any conditions. The owner only cares for the fur.

4. Papillon


Origin: France, Belgium

Height: 18-28 centimeters

Weight: 2.5 to 5 kilograms

A cheerful and friendly doggie is obliged to name the breed the French word papillon – “butterfly”. The small size of the dogs of the Papillon breed creates a very deceptive impression. Firstly, it is not a pledge of a calm nature. These mischievous people can spend hours hanging around the house in search of entertainment. Secondly, the vigilance and caution of papillons allow them to successfully cope with the duties of guard dogs. The dog is very intelligent, understands the person perfectly and easily remembers difficult commands. Papillon is an owner by nature and stubborn. But if from an early age to engage in the education of a puppy, he will get along perfectly even with a cat.

5. Maltese or Maltese Bolognese

Maltese or Maltese Bolognese

Origin: Mediterranean

Height: 20-25 centimeters

Weight: from 1.8 to 4 kilograms

Even against the background of his closest relative, a regular lapdog, these dogs look like little toy animals. At one time, this breed was very fond of the aristocrats and royal people of France. The Maltese have a beautiful white and soft wool to the floor and black smart eyes, really giving it a resemblance to a toy. But this coat also requires regular maintenance. Miniature Bolognese: friendly, funny, clean, easy to give to training and knows how to cheer up. This decorative baby will be an excellent companion for the amateur combing and decorate the long wool with a variety of hairpins.

6. Russian toy

Russian toy

Origin: Russia

Height: 20-28 centimeters

Weight: up to 3 kilograms

Favorite breed of Russian nobility, bred by domestic breeders on behalf of the government. Due to the compact size of the dog, it is easy to carry it with you. At the same time, the noble doggie always keeps with dignity, is refined and aristocratic. That will not lose confidence even in the company of large dogs. Even on the sofa cushion, he would sit with a royal look. The dog is ambitious enough, loves attention and praise. Easily finds contact with the owners. Russian toy – small and deleted. The dog is very inquisitive, never sits in place and barking loudly. At that strong health, sensitive hearing and lightning reaction.

7. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Origin: Belgium

Height: 22-28 centimeters

Weight: 3.5 to 5.5 kilograms

Very active, friendly and immensely charming dog with complaisant, but slightly stubborn character. Griffons are wary of strangers, which are somewhat constrained in their presence. The excessive energy of these dogs in combination with playful temper requires active fun and outdoor games. In order to raise a balanced and obedient pet from the small Brussels Griffon, training and education should be at an early age. Dogs are intelligent, aristocratic and have a sense of dignity. Even walking on a leash, such a dog will show noble manners. Brussels Griffon easily gets along with the children, gets along with other pets and can become a loyal friend for the whole family.

8. That fox terrier

That fox terrier

Origin: USA

Height : 22-29 centimeters

Weight: 1.5 to 3.5 kilograms

A tiny, energetic and agile dog with an agreeable, friendly character. Quickly attached to the owner and easily yieldable to education and upbringing. He has a loving heart and a devoted noble character. Left for a long time without human affection and attention, the fox terrier quickly falls into depression and begins to crash the apartment, accompanying the process with loud barking. From his larger relative of the fox terrier, these little clots of energy took over the courage and hunting instincts. Let a large beast of that fox terrier is too tough, but small rodents do not exactly get well. These are house dogs and they are not necessary to walk around, they are easily avoided by the cat’s tray.

9. Japanese Hin

Japanese Hin

Origin: Japan

Height: 23-25 centimeters

Weight: 1.8 to 3.2 kilograms

Exclusive decorative doggie with an original appearance and complaisant, but pronounced character. Hin is kind, friendly, funny and extremely devoted, which makes dogs of this breed very popular. The dog tries to always be closer to the owner and loves affection. Hin monogamous, but with the rest of the family also gets along very well. In ancient times, Japanese emperors considered dogs of this breed to be their talisman, only selected people could touch the pet, and their sale to foreigners was punished as treason. Perhaps, it was from those times that the Chinas preserved such aristocratic character traits as restraint and dignity. This dog will bark very rarely. Although the hin does not like biting, they always stand up for the master’s defense.

10. Affenpinscher


Origin: Germany

Height: 25-30 centimeters

Weight: 2.5 to 6 kilograms

Deeply planted eyes, funny face, funny facial expressions and good plasticity, give dogs of this breed affenpinscher an external resemblance to small monkeys. Tiny dogs are cheerful, cheerful, optimistic, kind and obsequious. They get on well with children, other pets, and love games. Although Affenpinschers are great pranksters, thanks to the developed intellect, they are easily trained, quickly remember the commands, but they are sometimes stubborn to fulfill them. They need a special individual approach. Considering a person as a comrade, these crumbs are able to rush violently against his protection from real and imaginary dangers. Affenpinscher easily goes to contact, but is careful with strangers and adjusts to the circumstances.

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