The future of the Surface range is black

Surface range

Surface range: Microsoft renews its devices: new Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio, all in matt black

The future of Surface is black. But not because the sales go badly or the computers of Microsoft have lost the favor of the public but because that is the new color, and the most distinctive characteristic, of the new range of Surface for 2018.

At an event in New York, the company has presented new versions of its Surface Pro tablet and its touch-screen laptop Surface Laptop, as well as a new model of desktop Surface Studio and surprise noise-canceling headphones.

The changes in Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are discreet. Beyond the new color, available next to the traditional silver, Microsoft has not varied any external detail of these machines, which still do without USB-C ports. The company has integrated them into its cheaper model, the Surface Go, launched this year, and the portable with a removable Surface Book 2. As a curious detail, it is also present in the new headphones, which use this connection to charge its internal battery.


Inside, the story is different. The Surface Pro 6 tablet, for example, comes with the eighth generation of Intel processors, which is more efficient and powerful. A reogranización of the cooling elements has allowed Microsoft to integrate a processor of up to four cores and thanks to it the tablet becomes up to 67% faster than its predecessor in certain configurations.

The autonomy is maintained at 13 hours of use and the screen and weight do not vary either.


The Surface Laptop will also have the next generation of Intel processors and could be up to 85% more powerful than its predecessor in the most advanced configurations. It also has a thinner LCD screen, “the thinnest touchscreen that has been integrated into a laptop,” according to Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s hardware division.

Surface Laptop will also be available at a slightly lower price than its predecessor. The basic model will start at $ 899 (778 euros) in the United States, taxes not included. The price of the Surface Pro 6 starts at the same figure. Both devices will be available starting in the middle of this month.

Along with these two products, Microsoft has also announced the second version of Surface Studio, a desktop computer with a 28-inch touchscreen aimed at professionals in graphic arts and compatible with the Surface Pen, a pointer with 4096 levels of pressure.

This second version equips the new Intel processors, more powerful, but also a more advanced graphics card – up to 50% more powerful – a screen with higher brightness and contrast and solid memory discs instead of hybrids, which translates in a considerable increase in speed when working.

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