BlackBerry KEY2 LE
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Review of BlackBerry KEY2 LE

BlackBerry KEY2 LE is a Lite version of the previously released KEY2, combining the KEYone design and functionality of KEY2. Updated KEY2 LE is fully integrated with Google Lens, Google
BlackBerry KeyTwo
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Review of BlackBerry KeyTwo

BlackBerry Mobile has released the BlackBerry KeyTwo smartphone, the successor to the previously created BlackBerry KEYone. Unlike its predecessor, the buttons, glass and case, reminiscent of iPhone, KeyTwo can be attributed more
BlackBerry Evolve X
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Review of BlackBerry Evolve X

BlackBerry Evolve X: Optimus the company that owns the right to release smartphones under the BlackBerry brand, has introduced a new BlackBerry Evolve X. elongated Vertical screen, more powerful battery