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Earning from YouTubewill not happen in a day one or two, patience and perseverance bring success was written mainly for making money from YouTube. There are millions of people who became millionaires only with the earning from YouTube. So if you are ready to lay a stone, how knows tomorrow you will be tomorrow’s bill gates.

Before dreaming of big money let us get to know the what are the basic things you should be aware of

Kick Start it

Yes, you should have a YouTube channel before you dream of big money. Creating a YouTube channel is as simple as creating a mail account. The only thing necessary is a Gmail account. You can simply login to YouTube with your Gmail and create your YouTube channel. Create an account by going to my channel on YouTube and update all your information they have asked for. Now you are ready with the channel, what’s next?

Think of something to broadcast

There are viewers out there find what hot.Start working on a particular niche, say cooking. Try making cooking videos, recipes, kitchen hacks. Nevertheless, do select the ones you love, else, you will lose your spirit in the midst. Once you find out what your passion and what are going to do, you are almost done.

Find a catchy name for your channel

Get a unique name; an easy, but unique name, you can use simple and stick to heart names rather than long words. Your name should match the topic which you are going to work on like if it’s a cooking channel, Let’s name it ”Rasoi “ which means kitchen in Hindi.

Add description of your channel

Let the words tell your heart, your passion and what your channel is about. A description in simple language can take your channel miles ahead where it is standing

Create a sharable video

Will you see a video with low quality, spending your precious MBs, so is your viewers. Thus make quality videos and broadcast them.quality in videos and content can increase your rating.

Link your account with Adsense

Only when you have linked your account with Adsense you will receive money. Adding to AdSense comprises of lots of procedures too.

Use a keyword planner

It helps you to choose the particular words, the keywords which the people use to search a particular thing. By adding keyword planner your page will come in the front pages of suggestion.

Promote Promote Promote

Yes, do promote your site, do advertising, increase viewership, and make money.

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