The health effects of tomato sauce, including ketchup, have been studied by Spanish specialists. Biologists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia conducted relevant studies, reports Mirror.

According to Spanish experts, the use of tomato sauce will reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach and intestines. It turned out that adding stewed tomatoes to sauces is beneficial for the body.

During cooking, the lycopene substance is stored in the tomato sauce. It enhances the action of probiotics, activates the growth of beneficial bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. As a result, the substance prevents the oxidation of cholesterol.

Products with a high content of lycopene protect cells from the action of free radicals,” – said in a report of scientists from Spain.

The authors of the research hope that the experimental data will allow developing special diets with the use of useful products.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Ohio said that the tomato diet will protect against skin cancer.

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