Samsung will produce folding smartphones

folding smartphones

The folding mobile phone can be back soon. Already in November, Samsung is starting to mass produce smartphones. The screen can be folded inwards, reports South Korean ET News.

Samsung will start mass-producing folding smartphones, announces South Korean ET News.

The mobile is expected to have a 7.0-inch flexible OLED display. And because the screen can be folded inwards, it can also be used as a tablet.

Samsung has previously told of its plans on folding displays, and this means that the company leaves the development phase. Instead, they provide a premium product that is expected to blow life on the decisive smartphone market.

According to information that refers to Samsung plans to put a high price on the mobile, which will start producing in November. Even Apple has aimed at folding mobiles. Together with LG, a folding iPhone is planned, according to rumors.

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