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Samsung Galaxy S10 – The new generation of smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S10

New model Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented in January 2019. All we know about it before the official presentation, we gathered in this announcement.

The speed of 5G

It is already known that the new Samsung will support the use of 5G network, which enables data transfer with a delay of no more than 1 millisecond at speeds from 15 GB/s.

Updated frameless screen

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be innovation among the flagships. We expect a curved frameless and monolithic body. Presumably, the frame in this model will either be on top or the phone will be with no frame at all, and the camera and sensors will be directly under the display.

The expected screen smartphone will occupy the front part of the phone almost completely with the front panel, the screen fades to the rear panel, no unnecessary buttons, only the power button and lock.

The Galaxy S10 we are waiting for a 4K display Ultra HD Super AMOLED, which will take up most of the front panel, at least 93%. It is not excluded also the possibility of using flexible display.

Samsung Galaxy S10, possessing the best characteristics, will be able to surpass all expectations.

Powerful processor

The efficiency of this model will provide Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855 series, made for 7-nanometer process technology.

Users will have from 64 to 256 GB to store any desired information.

And will probably release another version of Galaxy S10 to 512 GB.

Plan and use chip type LPDDR5 in a lot of superior existing LPDDR4.

In the test Antutu, Samsung S10 shows more than 250,000 points.

Triple camera for best photo and the battery of the new generation

On the back of the smartphone will be placed triple photodiode camera with flash.

Battery capacity Galaxy S10 allows you to use it throughout the day. Also, the active work on the creation of a solid-state battery. This battery of the future, they differ in increased capacity and smaller dimensions. In addition, these batteries are not prone to overheating and not able to explode, as is the case with usual lithium-ion batteries.

Enhanced data security: finger scanner, eye iris and face

A distinctive feature of the new Samsung model will be a fingerprint scanner located in the display device. Manufacturers have not forgotten about the iris scanner eye and face available and also famous smartphone manufacturer Apple.

Enhanced data security

New modern development

Speakers below the screen surface

Another innovation of the future model of the smartphone will be the location of the spoken and stereo speakers just below the surface of the screen. It will be a new development specialists Samsung.

A new SOC

And the most amazing future phone models should be updated system-on-chip for the coherent operation of the processor, graphics chip and module neural networks. It will reflect the best performance and speed system of the smartphone as a whole.

It is also expected increased modification Plus. The exact release date is still unknown. Follow the social pages and push notification of Sprintally and wait for a detailed review and pricing information after the official presentation.

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