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Review Of Nokia X7

Nokia X7

It became known that the company is Global (Finns) will release a new smartphone Nokia X7. The network has already appeared fresh pictures where you can see how it will look in the device.

A little about the origins of the model

It would seem that only in 2017, the manufacturer created a model of Nokia phone 7, which was initially focused on the Chinese market. Attractive and unusual design captivated many users. Sorry, the world market for this device never came. After a short period of time, it was agreed for China to introduce the special range of smartphones under the series of “X”. In the end, then most of the models of this series still out on the international market, but with a different name.

Another promised that “X” line will be with a special cutout for the display and inscription, but in the end, all were in the standard Nokia style.

All of this series was released 2 devices – the X5 and X6, which received in the European market usual 5.1 Plus Nokia and Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Apparently, the company decided to drop this whole issue device only for China. Now Nokia releases originally Chinese and later changed its name and advances to the world market.

The differences between the models that “European” smartphone has installed the Android system and Google services.

The case studies

And in 2018 there is information about the release of the new phone – Nokia X7. For Europe, most likely, the model will change its name to Nokia 7.1 Plus and will be a worthy replacement has recently presented Nokia 7 Plus.

Based on data from the Internet, it is necessary to assume that the Nokia X7 will make the cut on the screen.

The display will be much greater than previously released devices of this line. For the performance of the device needs to respond to the powerful Snapdragon processor 710, a modification of the “native” memory on a 64 GB or 128 GB.

It seems that the famous Nokia went on about the fashion wave by copying the “Bang” at the top of the display, popular iPhone X.

Release date

The exact release date of Nokia X7 while official sources are not reported. Most likely, that leaves the gadget towards the end of this year or perhaps even in early 2019. The price will approximately be in the region of 250 euros. But judging by the strong performance and large screen, the device could cost a little more. Still, wait for the presentation of the model and detailed review of Nokia X7.

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