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Review of Meizu 16X

Meizu 16X

Meizu 16X: In 2018, the competition in the smartphone market has become significantly more acute. This especially affected the Chinese manufacturers. Companies almost every month represent new items in different price categories. Meizu is not far behind in this regard. Most recently, the Meizu 16th line was a sales hit. Users have not really had time to get acquainted with the gadget, as the company announced the announcement of the new model – Meizu 16X. What is it remarkable? About this – further.

Design features

The developers have not done much emphasis on the appearance of new products. “A’s” modification of the appearance is almost no different from its predecessor: similar shape and dimensions, the same placement of controls, and cameras. It is worth noting that housing in 16X full metal and not of glass as in the Meizu 16. It’s for the best, because it significantly increased the strength of the Assembly, and the phone itself is more resistant to overheating.

On the front side of installed large format display cap “iPhone X“. The exclusive design of the phone does not boast, but overall it looks good, stylish and elegant. Available in three colors: black, gold or white (on the back on top of the aluminum deposited layer ceramics).

Meizu 16X

A little about the screen

Display Meizu 16X from Samsung, that is juicy and bright 6-inch Super AMOLED with full HD+ resolution and an aspect ratio of 18:9. Under the sensor is a fingerprint scanner. Speed unlock, according to the manufacturer, is only 0.25 s.

How much is enough?

Autonomy is a sensitive topic for many modern phones. Everyone wants to and in the palm was placed, and a large QuadHD screen was, and many thousands of mAh under the hood. But it does not happen. You always have to sacrifice something. Similar fate models 16X. The capacity of the battery is just 3100 mAh. Meizu 16 was 100 mAh less, but this increase in fact, barely perceptible. Experts predict about 24 hours at moderate loads. Quick charge technology can help mCharge.


The smartphone is powered by 8-core Snapdragon processor 710, which is a massive trump card over its competitors. This chip easily copes with office tasks and with any modern games on high graphics settings. It also has a number of top components:

  • 64 / 128 GB of flash memory;
  • 20 MP selfie camera;
  • double 12 MP + 20 MP main camera;
  • module Face Unlock.

Great camera for a modest price. And little amenity for fans wired headset: on the bottom, there is a 3.5 mm connector for headphones.

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