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Review of BlackBerry KeyTwo

BlackBerry KeyTwo

BlackBerry Mobile has released the BlackBerry KeyTwo smartphone, the successor to the previously created BlackBerry KEYone. Unlike its predecessor, the buttons, glass and case, reminiscent of iPhone, KeyTwo can be attributed more to the classics.

Innovations that have touched a new BlackBerry KeyTwo, this is an advanced keyboard with buttons, the Android 8 operating system, advanced security, app Locker, through which all your documents and photos secure. And updated key Speed KEY made the smartphone faster and more efficiently. One has only to press the Speed KEY and shortcut key, and you will be directed into the desired application.

Sensor fingerprint is still within the button.

Superior design with attention to detail

In the KeyTwo design combines plastic and metal and also rubber coating and alloy body with aluminum used in aviation. All control keys on the right side, the top is the 3.5 mm Jack, bottom microphone, speakers and a USB input. Left the place under sim and memory card, and the right button, for volume control, multi-function button and the power button. The rear side of the smartphone, rubber coated, decorated with a pattern of diamonds.

BlackBerry KeyTwo

New keyboard KeyTwo, unlike his predecessor, is now dull, and the buttons were much larger, making the work with your phone even easier and more convenient.

Efficiency and more efficient use of energy has done work with KeyTwo more productive and comfortable.

The larger size and less weight

BlackBerry KeyTwo was a bit longer and a millimeter thinner. The smartphone has become lighter by as much as 12 grams, and its keys are 20% higher.

Protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3 display with a resolution of 1,620 x 1,080 pixels has a great color reproduction. And the lock button are now placed on the right, which is more convenient. The surface is soft-touch on the rear surface provides a better grip with my hand. Now you can be sure that the phone does not slip out of hands.

Two cameras, 12 MP give the option of shooting portraits with high sharpness. A dual-tone led flash will make the photo vivid and memorable.

BlackBerry KeyTwo

Safety in the first place

As always, the security of the BlackBerry in the first place. And because of this, they meet the high demands of Google, which gives you the opportunity to get the status of Android Enterprise Recommended. To meet modern requirements and time to cope with all the arising new threats, BlackBerry pays special attention to continuous updates. While the new system “Proactive Health” time discovers any threats, so always keep your smartphone safe.

BlackBerry KeyTwo does not forget to support all the necessary applications into a single system.

OCTA core Snapdragon processor and 6MB built-in memory provide an even more effective work KeyTwo.

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