5 main reasons why a woman should earn money herself

Earn Money

We hear many statements that a woman should earn money herself, so the question of whether this is so is sharply raised. We decided to find out if this statement is true and how to achieve the desired goal.

These are the 5 main reasons why a woman should earn money herself

You can not meet the expectations of others.

As a rule, money gives a sense of power. Most often, using the means of their parents or partner, many people feel driven and dependent. They spend other people’s money, which means they have to put up with the whims of another person. Any disapproval creates a sense of anxiety and reduces the sense of confidence. When they fail to live up to expectations, a bitter sense of guilt appears in their soul. It is this imposed sense of guilt that often leads to unpleasant consequences. With the advent of your own money, you can forget about it. A person blossoms and begins to live, not exist indeed.

The ability to express your position, including in clothing.

For a woman, appearance is significant. Of course, the original purpose of clothing is protection and warmth. However, when the fundamental needs of Maslow’s pyramid are closed, a person no longer needs to survive. The image comes to the fore, which acts as a way to visualize your inner world, demonstrate your individuality, and establish interaction with the outside world. You can feel more confident, relaxed and free by choosing what you like. On the contrary, melancholy and impotence will cover your head if you have to put up with what you don’t like.

You don’t have to take on a job you don’t like.

An unloved job or household chores are daily chores that take energy. Often, household chores are an endless waste of time, and the result of this work can be challenging to see. It seems that you just cleaned up and redid everything you need, as the next day, you can start all over again. And so on in a circle. Naturally, this isn’t very pleasant. Because of the numerous routine tasks, there is a massive drain of energy that can be spent on essential things or just spending time with loved ones. With the help of money, you can solve these issues in one fell swoop. For example, you can use the services of a housemaid, order ready-made food, hire an assistant who will help you do the hated work, and so on.

You Don't Have To Do A Job You Don't Like

Engage in creativity and self-development.

What kind of acting skills, dancing and going to concerts can we talk about when you need to pay off your communal apartment and close your debts? As a basis, we again take the Maslow pyramid. Initially, it is essential to deal with the primary needs and only then move on to a new level. Conscience or limited resources will always prevent creative expression. And without it, the brightness and taste of life, freedom and diversity are lost. If a woman earns her own money, she can afford much more, dramatically affecting her inner confidence and interaction with people.

Change your environment to a strong community.

You cannot avoid some challenges on the path of quantum leap and development. You have to face difficulties that can become a springboard before taking off. One of them is changing the environment. In other words, your thinking, interests, priorities, and values may also change when you move to a new financial level. Like attracts like, so there are new charged people in the environment who strive for their dreams and make progress. It is difficult for the old environment to understand, for example, why spend a lot of money on luxury housing when you can live like everyone else in an ordinary apartment, why buy delicacies when there are products for promotions, and so on. And it will always be so. Therefore, there must be those whose thinking and priorities will be the same. The same goes for relationships. Both must be on the same level in a couple; otherwise, it will be challenging to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

And most importantly, money gives you a sense of freedom. The opportunity to feel like who you are. To be yourself, you should start changing your financial thinking and income level.

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