Psychology of voice: why it is so important and necessary to engage in it

Psychology Of Voice

Psychology of voice: Every voice is significant. And it’s not just about choosing when to give preference to something, but also about the artist’s most important tool. It is well-known that the vocal cords are arranged in the same way for everyone, which means that, in theory, everyone can learn to sing well. But in practice, only a few people can do this.

Confidence on stage is the key to success!

Any professional skill gives you confidence both on stage and in life. If you are sporty, for example, and have a strong body, you will feel at ease at competitions. It’s the same with vocals. Even though you are born singing, vocal classes will give you confidence in this business.

Vocal lessons are an opportunity to try something new!

Often artists perform only original material written in the same genre, which happens for various reasons: your favorite genre gets better and suits your lifestyle. But singers will go beyond comfort when they start practicing their voice with a teacher. They will try something new, something complex. And also, as they say, break and overcome yourself.

All the problems come out.

The pop genre allows you to perform in different ways: somewhere you sang, somewhere you spoke, somewhere you shouted, and somewhere people sang for you. In such a flow, you can hide all your mistakes. And when a singer exercises for breathing to increase the range to take higher or lower notes, they can not “hide” behind someone; they see all their gaps as if under a magnifying glass.


Only by practicing your voice can you become a multi-faceted artist.

Many artists make their material “for themselves” to be as organic as possible in everything. But this is already uninteresting since everything repeats itself repeatedly. For example, Dima Bilan can sing both pop music and with an orchestra, and this is precisely because he never stops practicing voice, being an accomplished artist.

Everyone needs to use their voice.

A voice is a thing that can convey absolutely any emotion of a person. So you can be endlessly charismatic and talented, but it isn’t imperative if you don’t know how to work with your vocal cords. Be you an artist, be anyone, but everyone needs to be engaged in the voice.

Nothing’s going to scare you.

If a singer knows how to work with their voice, any unforeseen situation is beyond them. Force majeure happens very often, so you need to be able to go out in public and say something; you need to sing if the music stops working or the sound is terrible. Nothing will scare you when you control your voice; you can get out of any situation on stage. Professionals are always visible at such moments.

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