Probiotics in cosmetics: how to slow down skin aging

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Recently, brands have increasingly begun to include probiotics in their cosmetics. What is it and why do we need our skin? All the answers are already in the article.

Probiotics are “living microorganisms” that, in the right doses, have a healing effect on the microorganism. These bacteria are used to maintain and restore the intestinal microflora (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) and not only! Manufacturers add them to their innovative tools.

Environment, hard water, food and other factors affect the condition of our skin. They are triggers that disrupt the lipid balance. It’s okay because there are magic components. They will return everything to its place!

Probiotics and prebiotics?

These two concepts are often confused, so we decided to tell how they differ. Prebiotics are not bacteria, but food components that promote microflora growth, and probiotics improve its condition.

Probiotics and prebiotics

How probiotics affect the skin

Probiotics saturate the skin with vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and beneficial elements. They are able to remove wrinkles (lifting) and remove toxins in a short period of time. This component has an anti-inflammatory effect, heals scars in dermatological diseases (acne), reduces redness, restores and increases the protective mechanisms.

What is complexity?

Probiotics are a rather capricious component. Before a bacterium is added to a cosmetic, it must be placed in a disposable container for a minimum period (on average, one day). This time limit affects the quality of beauty products. Brands produce serums, masks, creams and fluids. Pay attention to the concentration of this component in cosmetics (the main effect will depend on it).

What is the complexity

Be careful: this component is poorly combined with others. Always check the product for allergic reactions.

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