Overview of the HTC VIVE


HTC VIVE is an amazing system that can immerse into the fascinating world of virtual space, which is published through the joint work of the two companies HTC and Valve. At the core of his creation, the technology to track any movement of a person within the boundaries of the room and as accurately as possible to reflect them in the world of virtual reality.

The virtual world is even more real

The helmet features an advanced optical system, display Dual AMOLED with a diagonal of 3.6 and a resolution of 1080 x 1200 for each eye and monitors, thanks to which the image quality remains at the highest level. And amazing graphics provides an extraordinary feeling of reality during gameplay.

A pair of wireless controllers with unique tactile feedback help the system VIVE with amazing accuracy to monitor any movements. This is possible thanks to new technology base stations.

With the HTC VIVE from now on, you can travel to virtual worlds, teleporting from anywhere, wherever you are. VIVE helmet instantly transports you to a world of amazing illusions. Waiting for your fantastic sensations and the sea of vivid impressions from traveling through the virtual space.

The Steam VR Tracking technology, 110-degree viewing angle, a front camera-sensitive motion sensors and Steam VR Tracking will make your trip extraordinarily wonderful, and the accelerometer and gyroscope will take care of the most realistic feeling of your stay in the gaming world.

Security system Chaperone will inform about approaching to the boundaries of the playing space. Thanks to her, there will be nothing to distract you from immersion into the game world. And the front camera allows you to see and the real world – to perform acts or to take things, to remove the helmet does not have.

System HTC VIVE includes:

  • Very comfortable helmet with adjustable straps;
  • The front camera;
  • Wireless controllers for intuitive operation, natural movement, and feedback is important;
  • The base station with the ability the most accurate tracking on all sides within the game.

Along with HTC VIVE plunge into the world of amazing travels in virtual worlds and enjoy the most realistic sensations of what is happening from the comfort of your room.


HTC VIVE ProFull Kit

There is also an upgraded Pro version with advanced features. What distinguishes HTC VIVE ProFull helmet Kit:

  • Hi-Res and surround sound in 3D creating an extraordinary sense of the real presence;
  • Higher resolution screen, simple and convenient helmet, as well as excellent ergonomics, ensure maximum comfort during a stay in the world of fantastic illusions;
  • Adapter wirelessly VIVE Wireless Adapter will allow you to move freely;
  • SteamVR Tracking system to track movements, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor, IPD, adjustment of the distance between the pupils, as well as from the eyes to the lenses, headphones the headband provides comfort and convenience in the helmet;
  • High-power audio, powerful sound with built-in microphones, headphones, Hi-Res and the presence of high impedance headphones;
  • Li-ion battery will provide the possibility of continuous operation without needing to charge.
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