Overview of amazing Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5: The selection of a strap for the Apple Watch is a very important and very complicated matter. How many of these straps have already been released! Thousands! All colors, all shades, from leather, metal, silicone, there are even accessories that turn the Apple Watch into a pocket watch! Well, for the review, I got a Nike + strap from the latest collection: the strap itself is black, the perforation is purple, the combination is crazy, but why not?

You can put here a black Milanese loop, especially since this strap has seriously reduced the price. For these thoughts, I connected the watch to an iPhone, set it up, downloaded all the applications, started using it, and will share my impressions with you. Flew!

Watch Series 5

Design and Version of Apple Watch Series 5

We already wrote about the new virtual studio Apple – you can quickly choose a watch of different types, strap, pre-evaluate the combination. That’s cool. Because getting confused in the modern lineup is very simple.

Look, at the moment they left the Apple Watch Series 5 in operation, Series 4 will be sold in parallel, as long as there is stock, but the model has been removed from the official website. An alternative is the Apple Watch Series 3, and they have set a great price: in India from ₹20,900. Thus, Apple wants to take out most competitors from the market – a desire that is understandable and fully realized in the near future.

The Apple Watch Series 5 range is designed as follows: two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, several materials and types. At the very beginning, Ion-X aluminum and glass versions, then aluminum versions created with Nike, then stainless steel and sapphire, then titanium and sapphire, then ceramics and sapphire. There is also an Apple Watch Hermès in two sizes, with different straps. Well, do not forget that stainless steel comes with LTE, eSIM is not yet supported in India, so we do not sell such watches. That is, in India only aluminum, regular versions and Nike +.

Apple Watch Series 5

I repeat, it is very easy to get confused, but I will help you. A win-win option is the Nike + versions: both the cool dials and the straps in the kit are cool. Therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle, I advise you to watch such models. If you want something very cool, watch the titanium versions, although they seem pretty boring to me.

Apple Watch Series 5

In Series 5, my favorite is white ceramics, 44 mm, and even with a white strap. A very beautiful combination, I dragged such a watch of the third series, I was pleased. I will try to get for the collection.

Apple Watch Series 5

Many people go crazy over Apple Watch Hermès, dream, wait, save up money – believe me, in the photo, the watch looks much better than in real life. As a toy – top, there is nothing to argue about, but I would prefer ceramics.

Apple Watch Series 5

It seems to be very difficult to distinguish Series 4 from Series 5: when the screens are off, there are no differences. The same “crown” with a pleasant response, the same button, all old straps are supported (and this is very cool), the same charge, familiar controls. But here we go to the main feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 – this, of course, is always a working display.

Screen Always On

I know, I know, I know, the subtitle sounds a little crooked, but what else can I call it? “Always working display”? In any case, Apple started experimenting in this direction – who knows, maybe next year it will come to iOS.

Apple Watch Series 5

The constant operation of the display in the clock can be turned on and off, I like it when there is information on the screen – I quickly glanced and found out the time. Everything is organized simply: you do not use the watch for a while, it goes into sleep mode – the brightness decreases, the second hand disappears, all other information is visible. Once a minute, the information on the screen is updated.

Apple Watch Series 5

A year and a half ago, everyone wrote about Apple’s work on OLED displays with LTPO technology (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide). Such screens consume less energy and allow you to do all kinds of miracles: for example, in Series 5, the refresh rate is reduced to 1 Hz. And also here the power system was redesigned, a new light sensor was installed, the processor is also different, S5 – in speed and the previous processor was top, but here everything became even better, but it is unlikely to notice this with the naked eye.

In practical terms, this is cool: you have not just a black lifeless square on your hand, but a constantly working watch. The work time remains the same, if you train every other day, you can safely carry Series 5 a couple of days, if you train daily and for a long time, you will need to charge the clock every night. In general, everything is as usual.

How quickly does the screen turn on and off? Very fast. If the watch has given a notification signal, the “sleeping” screen remains in the same position – hours, minutes, other info on the dial. When you turn your wrist, everything comes to life: a notification arrives, the second hand runs, everything is as it should be.

WatchOS 6 chips and the watch itself, runtime

WatchOS 6 is installed in the watch, and the innovations are immediately evident: here you have a cozy calculator, a noise measurement sensor, and all sorts of things like blurring notifications when you are distracted from the watch (so that no one read what they write in the “Cart”).

Apple Watch Series 5

New dials: California, Two-Digit, Sunny, Gradient – are beautiful, but I, as of old, chose “Infograf”. A lot of useful information to live and to work here I derive the time of sunrise/sunset (need when shooting outside), temperature, heart rate, calculator, time in India activity, date and time.

Another sensible thing is “Compass” – our uncle Zhenya periodically goes hiking in the mountains, and this can be very useful for him. There’s also an App Store right in the watch – go in, look, choose, download applications.

Directly in the “Compass”, if you scroll down, displays the height above sea level, latitude, longitude, slope.

Apple Watch Series 5

Other features: girls will be able to track the menstrual cycles, we can all monitor our sleep, the clock works even better with the pulse, now international emergency calls are supported if you need help. The new watchOS can also be rolled on the watches of past generations – however, we will write more about this.

Apple Watch Series 5

The watch has 32 GB of memory, you can upload a voluminous playlist here, connect AirPods directly to the watch and go running. Yes, the declared operating time is about 18 hours, GPS works constantly, but the time is very dependent on the load – I remember Uncle again, he has a clock in the evening: he runs a lot, rides a bike, and Uncle Valya and I have two hours days and norms. Well, ok, now I am also more active in sports, in the evening I have to put on exercise. If your running time during sports is a critical indicator, it is better to buy a Garmin.

With swimming, everything is as usual: the watch is not afraid of water, but before the start of a swim, they should be blocked.


In a couple of days, the delivery of pre-ordered watches will begin. Aluminum Apple Watch Series 5 40 mm in size cost 399 USD, 44 mm – 499 USD. Overall these years, the Apple Watch has turned from an unusual and incomprehensible thing for geeks to a folk accessory: they are worn by young mothers and runners, students and businessmen lost in time zones, fashionistas and representatives of the older generation, technology lovers and people who are incredibly far from techno -revolution.

A democratic, understandable, affordable accessory can be seen on various wrists: some carry a mechanical watch on one hand and an Apple Watch on the other, some hang bracelets around the Apple Watch, some take out a watch from a sports bag only during classes in the gym, charge only for training.

The verdict

I don’t see the point of switching to the Apple Watch Series 5, if you have a fourth series watch, it’s beautiful and will last you a couple of years. Of course, if you have money and desire, you should go: the display always on is good. In the United States or another country, try on versions made of titanium or ceramic, enjoy it.

But if you use Series 2 or Series 3, you want to get a new experience, then the Apple Watch Series 5 is your choice. I highly recommend versions created with Nike: they are more fun than usual.

apple watch

In the subtitle, I wrote that this is the new best “smart” watch for every day – it is. I liked the solution with the screen, the invariability of control and compatibility with all straps, the chips of the new watchOS, the speed of recovery from the cloud. Let’s see how the glass behaves in real life – on Series 4 I put a couple of scratches.

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