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Not make five major mistakes during makeup


Summer makeup – a hot topic in the hot season. It’s so eager to be beautiful, but also layering a ton of cosmetics is not an option. We will talk about fashionable techniques and trends that you can repeat.

This season is gaining great popularity makeup without mistakes and fusion/glass skin techniques. They are very similar because both do not require a lot of money. There are several variations of this makeup. But the foundation is the same: clean and radiant skin.

It’s time to make out the main mistakes that even beauty professionals can make!

1. Facial contouring

In natural make-up, the most important thing is to know when to stop. You need to forget about contouring. Use light textures (vibes). You can make an even tone with bb-cream, and a transparent powder will fix make-up.

Prefer cream textures.

2. Do not use a bronzer

Bronzer – is the main assistant in the creation of makeup without mistakes. It will help to give the face a rested look with a gentle tan. Application technique is quite simple. It is enough to conditionally draw figure three: from the hairline, on the cheekbones and the outer side of the chin. By the way, this product is the basis of fusion make-up.

3. Use matte textures

Fashion trends are changing very quickly. Add gloss to your makeup. Moreover, the wet effect is a fashion trend of 2018. Use it not only on the lips but also on the eyes.

4. Bright lipstick

In the summer you want to add brightness to the makeup, but this is absolutely not the case. Use lip balm or special products that visually make them bulkier. You can also experiment with delicate shades in the technique of kissed lips.

5. Long and thick eyelashes lumps

Long and thick eyelashes lumps

We all love beautiful eyelashes, but after painting a numerous number of times our eyelashes are taken into clumps. This is a taboo for summer makeup. By the way, in order to dilute the make-up, use bright mascara or thin arrows of blue or green color. It is fashionable!

Highlighter has not been canceled! Earlier, we told about it: Highlighter: what it is and how to use it correctly

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