LPG massage: In the Wellness industry all the time new ways to maintain health and beauty, including methods of correction and facial rejuvenation. Direction “Endermologie” or in other words, massage according to technology LPG, appeared in cosmetics in the twentieth century, but we learned about it not long ago and called “the modern today”. Originally the method was intended for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered injuries of varying severity.

LPG cellulite massage

How did LPG come about?

In 1986 in France has company LPG Systems. LPG – the first letters of the name of the founder, engineer Louis Field Gita (Louis Paul Guitay), Creator of the “revolutionary method” Endermologie sufferers. He had an accident and suffered serious injuries, including burns. After treatment left a lot of scarring and adhesions; Gita could not even walk normally, and pain tormented constantly.

Restorative massage helped a little, and specialist uploaded by the patients, the afternoon was very tired: hands “do not iron”.

Gita helped specialty: he used the power of alternating vacuum and constructed a device, “able” to do massage in different ways; it is well named – LPG-massager.

Gita soon recovered; the invention was patented and started talking about Endermologie is not only doctors but also beauticians, quickly taking the technology to “adopt”. Now the method called “the perfect solution for the treatment of cellulite and figure correction” and “a great alternative to liposuction”.

How it works

The function of the therapist in the LPG machine runs a specially crafted roller. Each has its own specialization, for example, gripping and kneading; the influence of vacuum on the problem areas of the body provides a burst of blood: tissue immediately receives a lot of oxygen and nutrition.

The lymph flow is also enhanced and the decomposition products (fats, toxins, etc.) are quickly removed from the cells and excreted from the body.

The “awakened” of tissue are beginning to be updated – starts collagen production and elastin, but the overall effects of LPG massage much wider.

LPG massage

During the LPG-massage procedure, the skin and subcutaneous layers are rejuvenated – the collagen content increases by more than 2 times, and the cellulite nodules disappear – a bright result. But the work of the whole organism also improves: the blood and lymph are “warmed up”, the metabolism is accelerated, the work of the lungs, heart and other internal organs is activated; cellular defenses also increase.

Tips for working with the body and face are different in principle: so face when massage is not warming up. “Smart camera” adjusts the strength of the impact, given the state of the treated tissue of the patient. For the destruction of persistent fatty deposits select an intensive program of LPG-massage, but the degree of intensity to calculate a specialist in the consultation before the procedure is mandatory.

Features of the procedure LPG-massage

The types of LPG-massage are different

Lipomassage, or vacuum massage (said to be reminiscent of cupping, but the efficiency is much higher) prescribed for persistent cellulite and deformations caused by localized fat deposits in different areas: it is known that under the buttocks often formed an ugly crease.

If cellulite is not running, and the deformation is not expressed, selected roller vacuum LPG-massage. Women often prefer this procedure less painful and the results are satisfying.

Do anti cellulite LPG-massage should be conducted by the specialist with high qualification can be almost painless to get rid of hanging belly fat “dissolves” in the chest area, shoulders and hips.

The types of LPG-massage

To eliminate the effects of injury, pain and cramps of a different nature, used LPG therapeutic massage.

A similar approach in the rehabilitation of athletes with injuries or in need of rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments and joints, but there is “own characteristics”: removed pain and swelling stimulates the healing process – after the competition is especially important.

How does LPG massage perform?

During the examination of the patient photographed in full length, mark the areas for treatment will determine the intensity of exposure on different points.

Then wear a special suit of flexible material, tight whole body underwear is removed. It is necessary: availability of plus hygiene, protection from injury, especially with thick hair (e.g., men), and the ability to massage even in case of intense sweating, etc.

The doctor noted the problem areas on the suit, selects the type of movement and the rollers. The impacts of different types depend on the purpose: if you need to “break” the fat deposits is applied to rock; with cellulite effectively twisting; slide creates the desired contour of the body and shapes the body; to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin using grinding.

During the procedure of LPG massage can be used cosmetics: gels, activating the metabolism; agents for burning fat – lipolytic are, and strengthen the skin, etc.

The procedure lasts no longer than 40 minutes, sometimes about 50; more prolonged exposure is not recommended: fabric can adapt to the effects, which will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Is after the procedure LPG-massage of not less than 3 hours, but need to drink more and more: up to 3 l of fluid per day, preferably pure non-carbonated water.

How many sessions are needed for a lasting effect?

Usually recommended LPG massage 2 times a week for 12-25 sessions. The duration of the course individual doctor decides, based on the observations, but the frequency of treatments is gradually reduced to 1 time in a month.

“The average price of the” 1,5-2 thousand rubles; lower price can mean quality problems – it is better not to save.

When applied?

Assigned to LPG-massage for body and face with many problems: wrinkles and creases, puffiness, uneven skin tone, irregularities in the sebaceous glands, laxity and sagging (ptosis), cellulite and “vagueness” of the figure, the local body fat, posture, stretching.

The procedure LPG-massage is carried out after injuries and surgeries (stitches, scars, scars, bruising), with joint and muscle pain, osteochondrosis, myositis, varicose veins in the initial stage.

The improvement may be seen after 3 sessions. Promised the preservation of the achieved effect for several years, but most say 1-2 years.

Contraindications LPG-massage

Contraindications for carrying out LPG massage too much: a hernia, thrombophlebitis, cardiovascular problems, hemophilia, bad blood clotting, epilepsy, thyroid disease, inflammation of the lymph nodes, the protruding skin lesions, including birthmarks, rosacea, herpes, the presence of acne.

Also, LPG massage is contraindicated for pregnant women, lactating mothers, during menstruation. Other temporary injunctions – recent surgery or liposuction, any unhealed wounds and skin lesions.

In Oncology or skin infection people hardly think about LPG massage, but you should ask: is strictly prohibited.

Reviews about the procedure

Reviews about the procedure

Promises much, but the reviews on LPG massage different.

“A good effect, the priest was tightened and smoothed out”, “the legs are built up”, “the volumes have really decreased”, “it helps in combination with the training sessions”.

“At first it hurts, then not at all”, “hellish pain, eyes on the forehead.” In the latter case, girls often point out that they have come to an inexperienced “cosmetician-operator” and emphasize the importance of professionalism. The most striking results in those who suffered tissue swelling and a noticeable excess weight.

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