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iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone in the world

iPhone 7

iPhone 7: DeviceAtlas research agency published data on the use of the most popular smartphones in the second quarter of 2019 in key global markets. The list includes 36 countries. In 22 of them, in the first place is the small iPhone 7.

At the same time, Apple is leading in 31 countries. In addition to the “seven”, customers prefer 8, 8 Plus, as well as 7 Plus.

In some markets, other companies are taking Apple’s lead. For example, residents of Ukraine prefer Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. 4% of smartphone users have it. With the lag, a little more than half a percent goes the very iPhone 7. In general, the top 12 looks like this:

PlaceModelShareGrowth dynamics
1Xiaomi Redmi Note 54,03 %-0,03 %
2iPhone 73,43 %-0,13 %
3Xiaomi Redmi 4X3,06 %+0,45 %
4Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus2,91 %+0,82%
5iPhone X2,54 %+0,39 %
6iPhone 7 Plus2,15 %-0,25 %
7iPhone 6S2,01 %-0,14 %
8Samsung Galaxy J51,84%-2,00 %
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 41,82 %-0,49 %
10Samsung Galaxy J71,76 %-3,02 %
11Xiaomi Redmi 51,58 %+0,38 %
12Xiaomi Redmi 4A1,56 %-0,10 %


In India, the situation is slightly different. The first nine is Apple. The top looks like this:

PlaceModelShareGrowth dynamics
1iPhone 76,76 %+0,21 %
2iPhone 64,22 %-0,45 %
3iPhone 6S3,90 %-0,16 %
4iPhone SE3,70 %-0,06 %
5iPhone X3,40 %-0,18 %
6iPhone 5S2,84 %-0,28 %
7iPhone 7 Plus2,51 %-0,05 %
8iPhone 82,47 %-0,10%
9iPhone 8 Plus2,23 %+0,12%
10Xiaomi Redmi Note 41,48 %-0,05 %
11Samsung Galaxy A51,30 %-1,64 %
12Xiaomi Redmi 4X1,18 %-0,17 %


Unfortunately, there are no other countries close to us on the DeviceAtlas list.

How objective is the assessment?

Hard to say. DeviceAtlas calculates the popularity of device models based on visits to partner sites that use the platform of the same name. It just determines the model of the smartphone, and also counts the total number of people with such handsets.

In addition to the model, the API developed by DeviceAtlas determines the resolution of its screen, as well as the operating system. This information helps sites adapt content to the required screen resolution, target advertising inserts, and optimize content for a specific device. But the API also has a “side effect”: you can make an approximate idea of the popularity of certain devices.

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