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Choice of education is very important if not one of the major steps in life that you want to make consciously and carefully. To get a quality education now means getting a proper social status in the future and to realize yourself as a professional who knows his business.

Therefore, the choice of the first educational institutions should be approached with the mind, if you would like to improve their professional qualification or training courses, then we can advise distance learning courses at the Moscow Institute for advanced training and professional retraining of specialists. Today I would like to share some interesting facts from the field of education.

1. It turns out that such world-famous and incredibly prestigious universities as Cambridge and the Sorbonne are simply “youths” in the educational field. By the master to carry knowledge to the masses is the oldest of all the functioning of today’s universities, the Muslim Karaouine University. Muslims have always been famous for innovative approaches to science, so did not wait long and formed a University in 859 ad.

2. Interesting fact about education in India, or rather of its organization. General city Montessori school, located in Lucan, experienced a real “educational boom”, managed to take on one 2003 – 2004 academic year 27 911 students, which was an absolute record.

3. As the saying goes: “never too late to Learn,” and to improve their knowledge even more. This statement is one hundred percent proven American Elizabeth Eichelbaum, who became a doctor of Sciences at the age of 90.

4. Englishman Robert Cronin added to the list of interesting facts about education, becoming the most long-studying student. Robert entered the faculty of biology at Princeton University in 1948 and received his diploma after 52 years in the 2000th. Snapping granite of science up to 72 years old with a small one, Cronin got the title of the most senior graduate of the university along with his diploma.

5. Alumni meetings are common, and they usually take place every 5 to 10 years. But graduates of the Blanche Miller School (USA) became an exception to the rule, having organized the first meeting only 70 years after graduation. Naturally, taking into account age, not all were able to make it through to this significant date, and only 45% of former students attended the event.

6. But graduates of the Cherokee High School graduates, who graduated in 1929, on the contrary, regularly observed the ritual of the alumni meeting annually. Until the 74th anniversary of graduation, held in 2003, 30 former students lived, and only 9 of them could visit it.

7. This interesting fact about education is for wealthy parents wishing to see their child an aesthete and an intellectual at the same time. We are talking about the most expensive educational course taught at the English International school, Ivlia Spencer, which costs 77 500 pounds and more. For this price, students are taught the rules of etiquette, familiar with different types of art and placed in the best London hotels.

8. Professor, Queensland higher school Laidley (Australia) Marie burrows managed incredibly tighten the lesson by arresting a group of 26 students by as much as 54 hours. All this time, the students listened to a lecture on biology.

9. And finally, an interesting fact about education and the fees received for it. The owner of the most impressive professorial fee was doctor Roland Dant. For your two-day lectures on hypnotherapy, read in 1986, Ronald got a fortune 3 080 000 dollars.

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