Wi-Fi connection is one of the most important things in offices as well as homes. It gets frustrating if your internet speed gets slowed down due to a low Wi-Fi range. Here are a few tips to increase this range for you:

  1. Opt for the latest technologies

Up to date hardware is a must to have for a reliable and fast internet connection. Go for the wireless N router instead of wireless A, B, and G routers that are slow and old. Along with the wireless N router, you will also need wireless N card to get the full speed.

  1. Get the correct corner for your router

You need to keep it in the most open place possible. Walls or other obstructions should be avoided. Position the antenna in a perpendicular direction and try to keep it in an elevated place. Try to place it in the center of the house so that it can cover each corner of the room.

  1. Use the correct wireless channel

Your Wi-Fi signal can degrade if your neighbor’s router interferers with yours. A number of different channels can be operated with wireless routers with minimum interference possible. For perfect channels, tools like Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler can be used.

  1. Minimize interference from other appliances

Besides routers, there are many other things that interfere with the Wi-Fi signal range and speed. Appliances like microwave, cordless phones and other similar stuffblock your router signal. This can be avoided by moving the router away from such appliances and choosing a dual band router to increase its range.

  1. Get better security for your Wi-Fi connection

Even Wi-Fi with passwords can be hacked and it is advised to use better security systems. So it is a must to have WPA password.

  1. Limit the use of applications that hogs the bandwidth

Applications like Netflix, torrent files, online games or video chats often take a lot of hogging bandwidth and make the internet speedslow for others. For such bandwidth hogs, you can opt for QoS Services. With help from this service, you can manage the bandwidth for each application it deserves and thus increase the range and speed.

  1. Don’t reboot your router

Do you have to reboot your router often? Run a few test to check if this problem is caused by excess downloading, old firmware or by heat.

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