Love is an intense feeling towards someone else. It means deeply liking someone with a very serious and caring attraction toward that person. On the other hand, lust is a strong desire of a sexual nature that is the main physical attraction. Lust can change into a deep romantic love, but it takes time even up to two years.

In a relationship, people may not differentiate between love and lust. In the early stages of a relationship, there are always possibilities of this confusion. There is a difference between the two and so it is important for one to understand their difference to avoid more confusion and falling in wrong relationships. The following are the signs on how to know whether the relationship is love or lust.

love or lust

How to identify love?

You always want to know everything about that person. If you are in a relationship and you always want to know their good sides, bad sides, their beauty and ugly and their likes, then you are in love.

The love is unconditional. The relationship always has boundaries, you will never want to do bad things to your partner and whenever it happens, you will always want to tell him/her and even never forgive yourself.

The love stirs your imaginations. When you are in love, you find yourselves imagining about future thing such as marriage, having children and living a happy life together.

You see beyond the superficial. You don’t fall in love with the physical part of that person but rather you see what is underneath that person’s body- the soul, kindness, goals and the inner beauty.

You want to meet his/her people. When you are in love, you will always want to meet the parents and friends of your lover.

Not only sex. Lovers always love spending more time doing other things like watching movies other than sex.

How to identify Lust

You want to see him/her naked. The desires of wanting to know how the person you are in a relationship looks like when naked is always a lust and not love.

When there are more chaos and less stability.  Lust relationship is more of drama, chaos, misunderstanding and more emotions.

You prefer the fantasy. When you just like the outs, drinking, playing sex and games with someone and you don’t see yourself ending up together in the future, you don’t discuss your future life together but you only like him/her because of the fantasy things, then it is lust.

You always want to have sex. When you are with someone and you don’t like doing other things together like watching movies and hanging around but instead you only think of having sex.

You are not friends. Friendship does not always exist. You do not share everything together, and there is another person who is your good friend than him/her. You may even call each other best friends but it is not always true.

The feeling is conditional. Lust love has no boundaries. You could even sleep with another person other than your partner and you will never regret.

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