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How to transfer videos across the Internet to another person? The main ways


A very popular question, and for some, even the problem: how to transmit videos over the Internet to another person? I myself am faced with this topic regularly, for example, often attend various events, especially concerts, where they filmed a lot of VIDEOS and then those who were near, asking me these VIDEOS to send over the Internet :)

And then the question: “how might all to do it more correctly?”. And ways-that there is a whole lot ranging from a transfer in instant messengers and social networks, ending with the download of the video in the so-called “cloud”, i.e. remote repository.

In this article, I will try to examine the basic methods of video transmission via the Internet, their advantages and disadvantages.

These methods will be divided into 3 categories:

  • Transmission via app messengers;
  • In social networks (this includes Youtube);
  • Using cloud storage.

Now let us dwell on each of them…

In this article, I’ll discuss the basic ways to deliver video over the Internet, i.e. here we will talk about direct transmission from device to device (e.g., Bluetooth, AirDrop, the wire on the computer, etc.).


Now communication messengers are extremely popular and through them, you can share almost any file, including videos. Among the messengers will allocate 3 basics, the most popular:

WhatsApp. Using this thing you can send video size (weight) up to 16 MB. and up to 3 minutes.

Viber. Here the conditions of video transmission about the same, the duration of the video must be under 3 minutes, and the size to 10 MB.

Telegram. But the invention of Pavel Durov in terms of file transfer all odds to give :) Through it you can upload videos without any restrictions, i.e. in the original size and any duration!

We thus have? If you and the person you want to transfer videos or you have the VoIP and video while short, it is possible to pass without problems one of these messengers. However, the cons in the face! First, it is not always necessarily the video will be up to 3 minutes :) Logical. If that is true, you will be prompted to trim the long video. And secondly, the transfer will significantly lose quality, since it will reduce the video resolution to have a small size.

For example, I really don’t like when the video loses quality during the transmission. I think that you need to watch the original, well, almost (conversion after any installation programs do not believe). So if you are satisfied with it, then great option :)

But if there is a Telegram — this is the best one out of the way! Take any video and send it at least 20 minutes and is in 1080p :)

Well, if you are not satisfied with any of these messengers and the man doesn’t use anything of the sort, then look at other ways…


Here is another way to transmit video – various social networks, as well as YouTube video hosting. The most popular of social networks, perhaps VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. Everywhere you can upload videos. But here are 2 main problems:

  • Not all social networks you can download the video in its original quality. For the duration, as a rule, load any, even a two-hour video (and even then not always, for example, in VC, the maximum file size is 5 GB) :) But in terms of quality … For example, modern devices, even smartphones, already shoot 4K video (3840 × 2160) and social networks, as a rule, do not yet allow watching videos in this resolution. The maximum is 1080p (i.e. 1920 × 1080).
  • Youtube allows you to upload videos in 4K, however, there is problem number 2, which is below, and for YouTube, there is also problem number 3 – if there is some music on the video, for example, from a concert, then the copyright holder can easily block watching the video :)

    The exception would be Instagram, where the duration limit is a maximum of 1 minute. Frankly, idiotic :)

  • From social networks by standard means, as a rule, the video is not downloaded (if we consider the above social networks). From youtube too …

    Those. You then upload it to your page/channel, or send it to the chat. You can see his interlocutor online and see if he can download it? :) This is already a question! Because for downloading you need to put one of the special programs (whether it be a computer or a mobile gadget), and sometimes also something to configure for this.

    Believe me, not everyone is able to do it :) And if anyone can, they may simply not want to bother with it.

Therefore, I also do not appreciate this method :) I apply when I myself need to send someone a video and other methods are uncomfortable for some reason.

Go ahead…


This is my favorite way of transmitting video. However, though it can stream literally whatever he wants.

So, there are special services that are now commonly called simply “the cloud” :) Most popular: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, pCloud, Yandex Disk

The bottom line is that you are on a remote repository to download the files and can then provide a link to view/download or even edit the file to other people.

The disadvantage here, perhaps, only one will release free space on any cloud limited. For example, on Yandex 10 GB, 15 GB on Google.

But this is not a big problem!

First, many more than were initially given. Someone acquires it for the money, then storage can be at least a terabyte :) Someone expands the volume by using any kind of stock.

Secondly, probably on the disk, there is a place to temporarily upload a video or several, to wait until the people will download and then delete again to make room.


Each has its own requirements for video quality. Someone needs the quality in which the video is transmitted through instant messengers such as Vatsap and Viber and then, of course, if the video is short, it is easiest to transmit through one of them. Or even some other.

If quality is important, like me, for example, then either Telegram, or social network, YouTube, or upload to the cloud. In general, here it is more convenient for someone :)

How do you stream videos to individuals? :) Maybe you know, remember, you know some other good ways. They will be happy if you share in the comments! :)

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