How to make money on Facebook: 12 powerful methods


Only the residents of Pandora have not heard about the existence of Facebook today, however, unfortunately, few ordinary users know about the methods of earning in this social network.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the most effective ways to generate income on the social network Facebook, and you can easily choose the most suitable option for yourself.

1. Earnings on exchanges

Let’s start, perhaps, with the simplest method, which does not require either special knowledge or a large investment of time. Of course, this method is not the most profitable, but it is great for novice users and those who are new to earning opportunities on the network.

The essence of such earnings is to put “Like” marks on posts, photos, videos, business pages, comment on publications taking into account the requirements specified in the customer’s technical task, repost entries on your page, join groups, and leave feedback.

By the way, reviews can be left not only on the official business pages of companies but also on stand-alone websites where you just need to log in via Facebook.

In order to start making money on Facebook in this way, you must register on one or more exchanges of automated promotion. Please note that some services prohibit registration on competitor sites, so carefully read their rules, otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw earned money due to blocking by the administration.

If you do not want to study all the exchanges in order to choose the best, we recommend registering in one of these three:, or They always have a lot of active tasks, and you can earn more than in other similar services.

The main condition is that you must have a good page with a completed profile, enough friends and not an empty wall. You can withdraw the money earned in such exchanges to electronic wallets, bank cards or spend on promotion of your accounts and communities.

Earnings are small, only 5-8 USD per day (at the maximum activity), but also time on a part-time leaves quite a bit.

2. Earnings on a business page

Unlike your personal account, using the company’s page (also called a business page) you can earn much more.

Such pages have no restrictions in terms of commercial activity and allow the owner to conduct full-fledged advertising campaigns, sell products in unlimited quantities, create additional sections, turning such a public into a multifunctional site.

In the settings of the business page, you can assign editors, moderators, administrators and to pass on to them a part of their work. All actions on the page appear in the statistics, allowing to study in detail your target audience.

If you already have your own website, online store, business page will be a great help and an additional advertising platform, which will help to increase sales.


In the screenshot above, the owner of a business page uses it as an additional sales tool. Under the heading is a link leading to a stand-alone website of the online store. However, most of the shopping is taking place within Facebook, thanks to high-quality design, a showcase of products, prompt communication with the target audience.

Sell in Facebook can be anything if such a product is not against the rules of the social network and does not violate the law.

If you do not want to sell anything, you can create and promote a thematic business page (preferably a commercial focus) and offer paid posts to interested advertisers. You can earn money, of course, on entertainment topics, but the VKontakte group is better for this.

3. Earnings on the group

Facebook groups and pages are similar in many ways but still have some important differences. For example, group content is not available to unregistered Facebook users. Groups unite users by interests in a particular niche and are often closed.

It is almost impossible to promote your business with the help of a group; for this, use business pages or a personal profile. But for placement of thematic advertising groups are ideally suited. Before you sell ad slots, your group should be more or less hyped. In this case, it will be possible to extract from it a good, actually passive income.

Let’s say you created and promoted a group for nursing mothers. Users willingly share their experiences, communicate, ask questions, and at the right moment, they catch the eye of an advertisement for mixtures for babies or special feeding devices. Such advertising in such a group will be very effective and you won’t have to look for advertisers for a long time.

It is not necessary to advertise goods and services head-on. You can use hidden advertising, for example, to share your own experience from using a particular product or impressions about the services provided to you. Try to balance between explicit advertising posts and really useful content, so as not to frighten your audience.

You can, of course, never bother finding customers who are willing to advertise in your group, and earn subscribers through affiliate programs, which today are countless.

4. Earnings on affiliate programs

This type of earnings consists in the fact that readers of your group or Facebook page follow the links in your posts, register, buy goods, order services, and you receive affiliate royalties.

The percentage of deductions depends on the advertiser and its products and can vary from 3 to 40 (40%, for example, is paid by Beget hosting provider to pay for the services of your referrals).

Which niche to earn on affiliate programs is up to you. Just choose what you like and place promotional materials or affiliate links on your Facebook page and watch how your affiliate account balance grows.

Here, the text that precedes the referral link is also very important. If you personally used this product and honestly write about it in your post, the conversion will be much higher. Especially if your page has a backbone of users who trust you. The conditions for calculating affiliate interest may vary, but as a rule, you get money for certain actions of users (purchase, registration, filling out a questionnaire) that clicked on your link, or directly for the transition itself.

5. Earnings on sharing services

To make money on file-sharing services, your page should be dedicated to a movie genre or a specific series. In this case, earnings can be tangible. Of course, in order to make good money in this way, your Facebook page should be more or less popular. The more traffic, the higher your income.

In addition, the page needs to be constantly updated and fueled by interest among readers. And you need to do this as quickly as possible. For example, many viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of new episodes of the popular series Game of Thrones. The day before the advent of the new series on the network, post the announcement on your page and remind those who could forget about it. As soon as you download a new episode to your hard drive, immediately upload it to the file hosting service and publish a fresh post to FB with a link to the file.

It is advisable to upload such a video to several file-sharing services at once, which pay users real money for every thousand downloads (for example, $ 10 per 1000 downloads). We do not recommend using free services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, as they are more suitable for storing personal files and you won’t be able to earn money there normally.

Choose paid file sharing services like Depositfiles, Turbobit, Hitfile, etc. Always make sure that the links are not broken, since the administration of file hosting services at the request of the copyright holders always removes such files from their servers.

To make movies more difficult to find by name, mask the file names, because they will still be downloaded directly from your posts on Facebook with a detailed description of the movie/series.

6. Earnings on the online consultation

If you are well versed in any sphere, or even a certified specialist, you can earn on Facebook in the consultations. Here works well word of mouth: the more people you help, the more customers will return to you in the future on the recommendations.

online consultation

You can provide consultations absolutely in any subject: from the problem like skincare to sports forecasts.

The main thing is to do it efficiently, otherwise, the reputation of Facebook is incredibly difficult to recover, because all your work is on the mind.

7. Earnings on the sale of goods

It is not necessary to create a separate page or group to sell products via Facebook, although this is the best option. You can sell products on your personal page. Only for this, you should have a target audience in your subscribers and interesting and useful thematic posts on the wall.

For example, you can create beautiful and unique crafts of handwork and talk in the posts about it to their friends and followers on Facebook. Post workshops, step-by-step lessons to already sold work to show how difficult and time-consuming process. Holidays in this niche is especially lucrative. The more creative your articles, the higher the probability that they will quickly buy it.

You can sell in this way not only “physical” goods but also e-books, guides or keys to computer games. We strongly recommend selling only your books, otherwise, the copyright holders will quickly cover up the illegal shop.

8. Earning from your services

You have no items to sell? It doesn’t matter. Tell us about the services you provide, set your price and earn. In this case, use Facebook as both a business card and a portfolio.

Publish detailed case studies, talk about customer interactions, and don’t be afraid to talk about your mistakes. Facebook is ideal for all kinds of freelancers: writers, copywriters, translators, designers, programmers, event organizers, photographers. In these areas, it is easy to find customers. Many freelancers have no time to create and promote their own autonomous blog, and Facebook comes to the rescue in this matter.

You can use your personal page as well as a business page or group to provide services.

9. Earnings on your site with traffic from Facebook

This type of earnings is great for webmasters and entrepreneurs who already have their own website. On Facebook, you can duplicate information from a web resource (videos, photos, screenshots, podcasts), but for your website, it is advised not to rewrite the text so that the search engines don’t filter on the website for duplicate content.

Use Facebook as an auxiliary platform to attract thematic traffic. Pre-promote your page in FB, add to your friends those users who are directly or indirectly is your target audience, in order to further direct them from the social network to the landing pages of your site.

We do not recommend publishing on the FB page only selling posts. Dilute them with entertaining content, polls, useful information. So readers are better converted to buyers. We recommend that you keep this balance: 80% of posts should be beneficial to users, and 20% can be of advertising nature.

10. Earnings on the sale of popular Facebook pages

By and large, this is a one-time income. For example, for some time you have been running a page, filling it with quality content, it has grown with a large number of subscribers, but you have lost interest in the topic or simply don’t have enough time. Sell it to someone who can get the most out of it. Wrote about car repair? Sell the page to a car dealership or car service. Interestingly talked about gadgets and published detailed reviews on them? Electronics stores will happily purchase such a page to sell their products with its help.

However, you can put the creation and promotion of such pages to the conveyor and to turn one-time income into a permanent one.

The only drawback of such earnings is that the sale or purchase of pages on Facebook occurs only with the permission of the administration of the social network. Therefore, carefully study the rules and select niches.

11. Earnings on copyright videos

To increase Facebook activity, developers allowed users of social networks to insert ads into their videos. Interestingly, the duration of the advertising insert according to the rules of the FB can exceed 90 seconds. The creator of the video receives 55% of the costs of advertisers, and the rest is taken by the social network in the form of a commission.

Here you already have to choose where it is more profitable to earn money on videos – on Facebook or on YouTube. Nevertheless, we recommend that you use YouTube if you are a video blogger and/or often create new video content. And if you use the video rarely and mainly in order to diversify the content on the Facebook page, feel free to upload videos to social networks and connect ads.

12. Earning money on applications

You can earn money both on ready-made applications that a social network offers you (for example, CafePress, eBay, Shopit), and on the development and implementation of your own applications.

If you do not have development skills, this task can be entrusted to professionals who are not difficult to find on freelance services. The more unique and useful such an application will turn out, the more tangible will be the income. And this is a new level of earnings, incomparable with that which you can get by putting down likes and posting reposts. It is about tens of thousands of dollars.

You can create a completely new product and monetize it or offer advertisers to place ads in your application.

Of course, you should not go in cycles in any concrete way of earning in the most popular social network in the world, all of them can be successfully combined among themselves. If you take this matter responsibly, you can earn on Facebook no less than on a stand-alone site, or even more, since it is much easier and cheaper to promote pages within the network.

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