How to make money from TikTok: Amazing tips of 2020


The fastest growing social network TikTok has taken the best from Instagram and YouTube. The popularity of TikTok is based on convenience for mobile users, the simplicity of creating content and using the most involving format – videos. Having gained an audience, bloggers are thinking about how to make money in this social network.

What is TikTok?

This is a social network for mobile users with two publication formats: videos lasting 15-60 seconds or live video broadcasting. TikTok was created by Bytedance in China in 2016 and is known as Douyin there. Two years later, there was a merger with the main competitor The audience of Tik Tok grew very quickly from 500 million in June 2018 to 800 million in October 2018.

Features of Tik Tok

Make a video in Tik Tok is very simple, has a built-in editor, and the ability to put a pause solves the problem of mounting the roller of the fragments. To decorate the clips, users can use many different effects, masks and filters.

The author of the video you can add audio from the free library service or upload your own track. A large collection of sound clips from famous songs or films in conjunction with the love of teenagers to wriggle in front of the camera allows you to make expressive, unusual, viral videos.

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Top 5 ways can make money from Tik Tok

Earning potential users of this social sphere is limited: an external link can not deliver. So bloggers in Tik Tok can either provide services of brand advertising or redirect the visitors into your Instagram account or YouTube.

As of today, followings are the methods of earnings:

  1. Advertising other people’s profiles;
  2. Monetization of live gifts;
  3. Cooperation with the brands;
  4. Selling your own products or services;
  5. Earnings on affiliate programs.

Earnings from advertising other people’s profiles

In someone’s video post, Tik Tok blogger can mention another user via “@”. In the case of a large audience, you can earn by advertising users of social networks and their creativity. In addition, specific TikTok formats such as “duet” and “reaction” make it easy to draw attention to another profile.

For example, little-known musicians need references to draw attention to their creativity. The process of such earnings is as follows:

  • The musician created a track and drawn to the bloggers to make their own video for the music of the customer;
  • Users shoot video with a mention of the author of the track;
  • Video gets huge coverage, a musician becomes famous, and the blogger earns money.

With the number of subscribers is from 50,000 people, a blogger recording a clip with a customer’s track costs 50-100 USD.

Monetize from live broadcasts

Once the blogger attains 1000 subscribers, he will be able to live. It is broadcast in real-time, which can watch everyone. The audience has the opportunity to encourage streamers with the help of donations. Tik Tok users can purchase in the domestic currency. The exact price depends on fluctuations in an average of 100 coins cost about $1.

Tik Tok users can give these coins to the streamer, paying him a sticker. 80% of the cost presented of the sticker is credited with leading the live broadcast. This money can then be withdrawn to your Bank Account, the minimum withdrawable amount is $10.

Example of earnings streamer in Tik Tok

A professional player from China Meng Lei regularly broadcasts live shows of how he plays the King of Glory online game on his smartphone. One of Lei’s streams attracted 22 million viewers, and the number of donations for this broadcast was one million yuan (approximately $167,000).

King of Glory

Earnings from brand advertising

If a Tik Tok blogger has attracted 10-20 thousand subscribers, he can gain in influence marketing. Great coverage of each publication in the social sphere, attractive to advertisers. Although the link can not deliver, you can use Tik Tok to enhance brand awareness, improve the reputation and popularity of the company.

For branding, Tik Tok blogger can sell the following services:

  • Product placement – placement of a product, logo or other hidden advertising in video content. With a large audience, it is enough for a TikToker to show that he uses a product of a certain brand so that this brand receives a surge of attention;
  • Creating a viral video under the sponsorship of the brand;
  • Posting videos in support of the challenge or hashtag launched by brands.

For example, Guess was able to increase sales when it began to use TikTok to promote it and launched the “disheveled to glamorous” challenge.

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Advertising your own services or products

To promote your product to the TEC Current can beautician, fitness trainer, repairman, craftsman, seller any goods or services that are actually presented with the short original clip. This advertising can be great coverage, if you can create a viral video, but may not be exact, for example, GEO or other parameters.

Earnings on affiliate programs

Talent to create interesting videos to attract a large audience to the TEC Current can be used for advertising in this social network CPA offers. But directly merging traffic is impossible, the blogger can only show you the profile links to their Instagram accounts or YouTube and then redirect users to an affiliate link.

When selecting an offer, you should consider the youth audience TikTok. This social sphere is ill-suited for the advertisement of goods for children (clothes, shoes, toys) or for people over 30, for example, medical goods and services.

Tik Tok is excellent for the extraction of traffic on beauty offers, clothing and other goods for youth games or entertainment.

Tik Tok Audience

The social network does not publish official statistics on its users. According to independent experts, as at the end of 2018, the daily audience TikTok was 800000000 users.

In India, the audience Tik Tok has 8 million people per month, 40% of them are under the age of 18. The female audience is 58% of users of TikTok in India.

What videos to shoot for Tik Tok

When creating content, you need to consider that most of your audience will be young people 15-18 years. The video captured the audience’s attention, it must comply with the General trends of social networks. In 2020 it is recommended to shoot videos in the following styles:

  • Absurd actions, Amateur dancing, fun mini-scenes from the life, real or staged skits;
  • “Karaoke video” ― open your mouth to known compositions or to do them under the clips;
  • Tricks, tips, “witchcraft”, “magic”, which no one takes seriously, but enjoy watching;
  • Videos on the theme of pity, help the weak, for example, “feed the homeless”, “help the handicapped”, “to save a wounded dog”;
  • Live professional or Amateur sports competitions, videos about the own workout with achievements or advice;
  • Bold experiments with the style, clothes, makeup, cosplay, with options for before and after in one clip;
  • Records of different experiments, the mixing of paints and other substances, fire, explosions, to build something or to break, is important to achieve the WOW effect and to comply with safety regulations.

shoot video for TikTok

What not to do in TikTok

As of fall 2020, this social sphere remains an arena for peaceful expression. Video violence or pornography is forbidden and will quickly ban your account. It is also recommended not to be rude, trolling or baiting other bloggers. As practice shows, the audience ignores the low-quality video or bad sound. Though it is a network for Amateur content, sad commercials, filmed on a bad camera, nobody cares.

How to promote a Tik Tok account

The TikTok app uses an intelligent algorithm for the formation of a smart tape, trying to anticipate the user’s interests. Because attracting a large number of subscribers needs to ensure that the video was in the recommended Tiktok. Promoting your account is after you’ve published at least 20 videos that have already chosen a topic and developed a unique style of shooting and processing videos. In addition, you must be willing to regularly shoot and publish new content.

promote an account TikTok

Methods of promotion

These methods are the most reliable, safe and give a high-quality audience from live users who are interested in your videos. Lack of natural promotion profile Tik Tok is a long time for promotion if you can’t create a viral video.

To attract subscribers using the following methods:

  • Social activity: subscribe to other tiktokers, comment on their videos. Many users will subscribe to you out of gratitude or curiosity;
  • Hashtag promotion: Choose among the popular hashtags those that match the theme of your profile and put them under each video;
  • Participation in Challenges: On the “Popular” tab, you can see what is now in trend and join challenges, and many users are following them;
  • Promotion in other social networks. Indicate the link or QR code of your account in Tik Tok in your messages or profiles on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks;
  • Mutual PR: you mention another blogger in your posts, and he will do the same for you.

The cheating of subscribers using special services (for example,, can be used as a way to quickly get into the “Interesting” or “Recommended”. But in the long run, this method is useless. Winning subscribers will not give you either views, comments or likes. A more effective way of paid promotion is to buy ads from a popular blogger.


Tik ​​Tok has gained immense popularity among adolescents and youth with its democratic nature. This social media gives users an easy-to-use tool for self-expression but does not impose any special requirements on the quality and plot of the video. This mixture of anarchy and creativity has led to explosive growth in the audience of the social network and simplified the attraction of subscribers. But it’s more difficult for a Tik ​​Tok blogger to monetize his profile than on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte since you can’t link to your profile.

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