How to make money from PUBG game


A few days back, in the popular survival simulator PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG), a system of in-game was introduced, or rather a system of cases and keys, as was the case in Dota 2 and CS: GO. Most likely, this event is associated with the ongoing Gamescom event, but today we will talk about how to make money from this game. What is the essence of the method: the fact is that these cases can be bought for special coins that can be filled in the game. To understand this, you need the game itself, but I think this is not a problem, like stuffing coins – we just play for fun and try to show a good result, we get coins.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

How much can you earn from PUBG?

let’s go over the thesis and sum up, as a lot of information.

1. The limit on the purchase of cases: 6 in a week. This means that by purchasing 4 cases you won’t be able to buy them and you will have to wait for Monday. (the time when the counter goes again)
2. Each following case is worth 2 times more expensive. So initially the case is worth 700 coins, then 1400, then 2800, and so on. In principle, this is not a problem to farm as many coins if we want to get money, but still, it inserts some spoke in the wheel.


Action plan:
1. Go in the game.
2. Getting coins for any gaming method.
3. Go to the menu purchases and buying up all the cases.
4. Sell them on the Trading floor Community.


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