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How to keep your hairstyle in rainy weather: beauty lifehacks


Hairstyle rainy weather: Autumn is a season of rainy and windy weather. Because of this scenario, styling loses its aesthetic appearance. We have a way out!

We spend a lot of time on the choice of the perfect hairstyle, but only go outside and styling as not happened. Hair, as well as the body, react to any weather conditions.

In order that the hair is not electrified, not “fluffed” and not twisted in different directions – you need to follow some beauty rules. Indeed, in this area plays a role even comb.

1. Buy beauty products marked as “waterproof”

Beauty products with the label “waterproof” are adapted to different weather conditions. Most often, they contain antistatic, which protects your hair from “fluffiness“, dryness and electrification. Such products form an invisible film, which helps retain moisture inside the structure. Use paired with a wooden comb.

Purchase a small version of an antistatic spray and use throughout the day.

2. Curls with a diffuser

If it’s raining, winding or snowing outside, you shouldn’t level your hair with a flat iron. Do careless styling or light curls. For this, you can use a diffuser. How? Read the secrets in our past material: How to make a wet effect on hair without rain.

Curls with a diffuser

3. Use the locking tools

Brands produce entire cosmetic lines for hair care, which allow you to maintain and fix the curls in the desired position. An important point! Hairspray weight and makes the hair more “heavy.” Discard such styling (styling products) in the rainy season.

Use the locking tools

4. Make a weave or bundle

Make a weave or a bun Make a weave or a bun












Weaving or bun on the head – a great hairstyle in rainy weather, especially since this is the trend of the season. You can dilute the styling with a variety of hairpins, pins or a scarf. Convenient and stylish!

5. Have you forgotten your hat?

Mom always worries so that we don’t forget the hat at home. And for good reason! It will not only save your head from the cold but also save your styling. Of course, the WOW-volume will not, but this will keep the overall look. Going into the room – spray a dry mini-spray for the volume on the roots. That’s all!

Have you already watched it when it is raining?

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