How to get top ranking in Google search?


Getting your site to the top of a Google search isn’t as easy as it was ten years back. If you’re struggling to get your site to the top, consider these tips.

1. It’s all about planning

Answer a few questions such as why users should consider your site, what is your area of expertise, what the target audience is, who is most likely to compete with your site and why Google should place you at a higher rank than your opposition. Set idealistic goals for your site and conduct an immense amount of research. Plan and not just that, plan well- set realistic schedules. Marketing on the web is of prime importance.

2. Structure your site

If you try to be an expert at everything, there’s a good chance that you would fall flat on your face. Make sure that your site is structured and include topics that are relatively different from each other. Divide your topics so that users, as well as search engines, can identify the areas of expertise. Dominating in a single niche is the key here.

3. Multiple Screens

Ensure that your site isn’t restricted to just one screen. It should be accessible by mobile, tablet or any other device. Check out the different screen sized and determine the user interface for each of them. Make sure that you can customize the site according to the device used. You need to find a way to distinguish your site from the rest of the sites available.

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