How to forget your ex? Tips from real men

forget your ex

Want to forget your ex? How often do we find ourselves unable to forget past love? The image of an ex-girl can torment us for a long time, and love cannot be forgotten. How to get rid of the past, ex and love? Should I try to return the ex-girlfriend? If the new relationship doesn’t work out, then maybe you’re mind is still in the past?

“An ex-girlfriend is like a gun hidden deep inside you. It’s no longer loaded, so when you see it, there’s just a dull click, maybe a faint echo, a memory of the shot. “

Jonathan Tropper

Many people read our magazine “Sprintally” ask us questions and send us letters: “I can’t forget my ex-girlfriend, whom I loved very much a year ago. What to do? It seems there is a new relationship, but I met my ex and again became sad. The past came back to mind, memories rolled in, and my heart ached. At home, I found my ex in a social network and looked at her photo. What if you can’t forget a girl you once loved very much? We dated for almost 3 years. Maybe try to get it all back?


Raking up the past and hoping for a return of the ex-girlfriend is a bad idea. There are rare situations when Ex-lovers have reunited again and are happy together. You’ve heard it from people you know or seen it in movies. But this situation is so rare that the chances of a happy reunion are minimal.

In 99% of cases, you will condemn yourself to the same mental torment. You mean there’s still a small chance? Another 1% chance that you will be unhappy together. The third is not given. Life is not a romantic and stupid movie, but a harsh reality.

It’s been a month, a year, three years, five years, and you’re still thinking about your ex? The image of a past woman, like a Ghost, doesn’t allow you to become happy. It comes at night and disturbs your soul. Now we will help you get it out of your head and heart.

Your relationship with your ex is doomed in advance. These items will help her fall out of love to open up to new relationships and love. The article will help to remove the” love curse ” of the past. Good reasons to forget your ex-girlfriend forever, like a bad dream.

The Ex-girlfriend has not changed and has not become better

I want to believe that the Ex became better in character and appearance. But the adult person’s personality hardly changes. The girl has not become an angel, kind, gentle and affectionate during your absence.

All its negative aspects remained or perhaps become more acute and deep. With age, the female character doesn’t get better. There is grumpiness, excessive demands, boredom, vindictiveness, irritability. Girls begin to manipulate and command their Ex men more.

Ex-girlfriend prettier, thinner and more beautiful? The girl didn’t become more beautiful, even if she lost weight or learned to use cosmetics. Thinning girls get stretch marks, extra skin and saggy ti#s. This is usually not talked about, but it is a fact that many men have checked.

Cosmetics hide the secret display of a woman, and with age, the girl has not become younger. The girl has lost her past freshness, beauty and youth, and you want to mess with her again? An extremely dubious decision. Can I see the other Chicks?

Love with an ex-girlfriend will not be real, bright and delicious

You will try to start with a clean slate, forgetting about all the bad things. You will try to look at each other with new loving eyes, but it will not work. Your past, which was the reason for the breakup, has not gone away. Attempts to hide behind nostalgia, sentimentality and the carefree past will break down against the harsh reality.

You cannot carelessly love, revel in feelings, get to know each other and be naively in love. You already did all this in the past, that now the power of love and attraction will be less. Your best days of lovers were in the past, but they remained there.

The Ex-girlfriend becomes already studied and uninteresting. It’s like reading a book. You can read it, but it’s not the same. There is no novelty or mystery. And during the last reading, other readers ‘ marks appeared. The book was actively passed around, and came back to you pretty much soiled and battered.

You’re still the same, even if you’ve changed a little. She, too, was left by itself. All your problems and incompatibilities remain. Under your reunion will be laid a time bomb, which can explode at any moment. And it will definitely go off, no matter how hard you try. Accumulated resentments, misunderstandings, reproaches of the past. Everything will happen again. Why step on the old rake?

The ex-girlfriend now has a richer past

As long as you weren’t dating a girl, she was technically free to do whatever she wanted. You want to believe that she sat at home, cultivated herself, and missed you. But in reality, she was hardly bored, even if she was talking: “I only loved you all the time”.

Girls change their status to “active search” when they are left alone. The girl went to clubs, bars and other places while you were apart. She met men and went on dates. The most adroit men managed to get between her legs and test her ex’s body for flexibility.

Someone went to the sea with her, otherwise where did she get a photo on Instagram of her happy and in a revealing bikini? Did the girl buy a lot of new clothes, a new phone or a car? She was dressing up for someone, just as she was undressing. Her new underwear didn’t gather dust on the shelf but was actively used. How many men had undressed her and taken her to different places? All her lovers will be mentally with you in bed when you find yourself next to your ex.

You’re saying you can’t forget your ex-girlfriend? But do you want to take it back? This is a strange wish and a bad idea. Her rich intimate past will always be before your eyes.

Why can’t you forget your ex-girlfriend?

Why is it not easy to forget your girlfriend? There is such a concept of “incomplete gestalt with the past.” This is like a computer program that is stuck, which interferes with the computer. Relations with the Ex were interrupted but didn’t end logically. The psyche requires you to complete everything to the end, but it didn’t work out for you. There is a feeling of incompleteness.

  • The girl went to another man? So another man is better and more worthy.
  • The girl’s departure deprived her of a future. You didn’t marry her and start a family with her.
  • You broke up, which means you made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of stupid things. How to fix these errors? What are you to blame for what happened?

After a breakup, a man feels offended, deprived and humiliated. He was insulted as a man. As if he wasn’t worthy of the girl and wasn’t up to her standards. It’s infuriating and haunting.

Resentment and thoughts of anger poison a man’s life. This is not the love of a man, but the feeling of defeat. It’s like you’ve been beaten up by bullies and you can’t go back and get back at them. A man wants to restore justice, as in the situation with an ex-girlfriend.

Incomplete Gestalt, in a relationship, is very harmful to a man. He replays past relationships, situations, and actions in his head. A man tries to find mistakes where he did something wrong. A man feels guilty about breaking up. It was not appreciated at its proper value and was exchanged for another.

Trying to win back an ex is not love, but an ordinary incomplete Gestalt. Understand the nature of your “love” for your ex. You don’t love your ex-girlfriend, but you want to restore justice and self-respect.

You love not an ex-girlfriend, but a made-up ideal

We often keep the image of our girl in our heart. It is an ideal that we cherish deep in our hearts and give the features of perfection. We don’t love a girl, but her fictional and edited image. Over time, the Ex becomes a kind of impossible ideal, which is the collective image of all good girls. But is your ex really like that?

Did you see the past and love broke out with the same strength? Ordinary nostalgia and memories, not feelings. You don’t love the ex-girlfriend, what do you think. You dream of a perfect and made-up girl, but she has little in common with her ex.

You are like a downed pilot who pulls a parachute. You will always remember the past girls you loved. But gradually all the features of the past are washed away. They are not as beautiful as you imagine. After 5 or 10 years, you will be horrified by what the Ex has become. Did you want to stay with her? Unlikely.

How to forget your ex on the advice of psychologists?

Here’s a helpful list from psychologists and relationship specialists. This will help you get a grip on yourself and don’t do anything stupid.

  • Thank life for your experience
  • Avoid alc##ol, sui##dal thoughts, and desire for revenge
  • Delete your ex’s phone numbers and photos
  • Don’t follow your ex on social media
  • Don’t try to find fleeting connections
  • Enjoy your life and every day
  • Explore the world, meet new people and lead an active lifestyle
  • Mentally prepare for new meetings, dates
  • Try to meet girls for no particular reason

You are depriving yourself of a happy future and beautiful girls

It seems easier to get along with the Ex. You already know her, even if she is far from an ideal girlfriend. You have something in common, although there are also many contradictions. It’s all about cowardice. All people are afraid to abandon their past love because of fear. We don’t believe that we can find someone better. Whoever cannot stand the brains will be more beautiful and will love us with all their heart. We are afraid of loneliness or we are too lazy to look for someone.

Trying to win back an ex and loving her, you deprive yourself of a happy future. There are a lot of girls in the world who are much better than your ex-girlfriend. They are more cute, young, cheerful, kind, gentle and good. A new girl will give you what your exes couldn’t give you.

Life has a lot of good things in store for you, and you’re holding on to an old crone and a battered washcloth with both hands. With a new girl, you will start all over again. First acquaintance, dates, flowers, communication, a kiss, intimacy and love. You will feel like a boy in love, and the relationship will be bright, fresh and happy.

Why happy? Every subsequent relationship gets better. We learn the lessons of the past, begin to choose your girlfriend more carefully, pay attention to the” red flags ” and negative traits of character.

Ex-girlfriends were given to you for a time and a certain part of your life’s journey. They kept you warm on the road, entertained you, made you feel better, and prepared you for more. All this was preparation for a better and more correct relationship with a better girl.

The main thing is not to settle for a tit in the hands when there is a crane in the sky. The new girl will be better than the Ex in everything. The new girlfriend will love you more, and you will love her. You’ll be fine, and your new girlfriend will make you happy. What about your ex-girlfriend? F##k her, she belongs there.

Enough to coward, pity yourself and do stupid things. You begin the best of times that men love so much. You will look for girls, get acquainted, kiss and taste them. Who said it is boring or uninteresting?

Life is too short to worry about your ex. Better think about which girl you will kiss next. You are waiting for a lot of wonderful Chicks, among which there will be one very cool and good girl. How long does she have to wait for you?”

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