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How to change Favicon in Joomla?


In this tutorial, we will learn how to change Favicon in Joomla with your unique Favicon.

Favicon is a small 16 \ 16 px icon, which is displayed in the address bar of the browser, next to the URL, in the browser tabs, in search results, etc.

Joomla is a very popular CMS system with great functionality, on which a large number of sites are built. By default, this system and standard templates use their own favicon icon. It has several varieties and is very common.

The mistake of many site owners built on the basis of CMS Joomla is that they do not use their unique favicon. Surely you have met sites with the following icons in the search results of Bing:


Benefits of using a unique favicon

  1. This small icon allows your site to stand out among a huge number of other resources.
  2. Favicon is an important branding tool that can help the visitor to pay attention to your site and will serve as a visual reminder of it.
  3. Favicon is displayed on the Bing search results page and can increase the clickthrough rate and the number of clicks to your site.
  4. If you buy contextual advertising in the Bing Advertising Network, then next to the announcement by the host on your website, this icon will also be displayed and this will affect the number of clicks.

That is why it is important to have a unique icon for the site.


How to create a favicon

A favicon can be created using any graphics editor, but its final version should have a .ico extension. You need a program that can save graphics files in this format. Since installing such a program just to save one image will be unnecessary. It is best to use a special service that allows you to do this.

The image itself can both be created independently and used ready-made blank. But remember that it should fit into the design of your site, be visible and unique.

How to install Favicon in Joomla?

install Favicon in Joomla

Now how to install your favicon instead of the standard favicon Joomla.

If the template that you use on the site already has a file favicon.ico, then you just need to replace it with your own. How to check it? Go to the folder with your site, then go to the templates/name of your template /. If there is a favicon.ico file in this folder, then simply replace it with your own.

If you have a different situation, you first need to connect a favicon to your site. In the beginning, transfer your icon to the root folder of your site.

After that, in the index.php file of your template, you must set the path to this file. To do this, in the index.php file, before the </ head> tag, you need to insert the following lines:

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><link rel = "icon" href = "/ favicon.ico" type = "image / x-icon"></font></font><font></font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">
<link rel = "shortcut icon" href = "/ favicon.ico" type = "image / x-icon"></font></font>

In the code above, relative paths to the file favicon.ico are indicated, in some cases, it is necessary to indicate absolute paths, for this, replace “/favicon.ico” with http: //

You can add this code in two ways:

  1. In the administration panel of Joomla, go to the item Extensions >> Template Manager. A table will open in which all templates installed on your system will be displayed. In the “Template” column, find the name of your template and click on it.                                                                                                                                    On the page that opens, click on the link “Change the template of the main page”, as a result of which the index.php file of your template will open for editing. In the code, find the </ head> tag and insert the code suggested above in front of it and click on the “Save” button.
  2. The second way is that you can go to the folder with your theme and edit the index.php file with the help of some editor, for example, Notepad++.

Post a file favicon.ico can not only in the root directory of the site, but also in any other. However, some services and programs are looking for it in this directory to the poet for my sites, I place it in the root directory and I advise you to do the same.

What to do if the installed favicon is not displayed?

As soon as you install the new Favicon on Joomla, you will certainly want to see how it will look in the tabs of your browser, but after reloading the page you will still be shown the old icon.

In order for your new favicon to appear, you must clear the browser’s cache or access the site from the browser from which you did not visit it before.

If your favicon is not displayed in Bing search results, then Bing has not yet indexed it. The fact is that Bing has a special bot that deals with the indexing of favicons.

It finds your icon, converts it into the .png format, and uploads it to your server from where it displays it. Therefore, until he performs all these operations with the new icon in the search results, it will not appear.

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