Businesses online is a trend in this generation. Amazon, being the biggest online retailer website with over two billion of profit in the USA has sprung the existence of Amazon India. Launched in June of 2013, Indian locals and residences are now eligible to start up their very own business online following these very steps, to ensure a commodity and make start a company for global disposal.


It is to be by standard, almost to start the company labeled on any e-commerce portal, a Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership or One Person Company title to their brand. It is noted that procedures should be followed, and  Amazon India is no exception to this rule.


Basic and mandatory information from Business address, contact details should be provided for references. A secure and reliable info is always welcoming to customers everywhere. Contact description can go to email addresses, SMS and other utilities provided.


In exclusion to sellers having books and literacy as products, VAT registration is not necessary. Only to products sold other than abovementioned where VAT is applicable, must go, and enamor VAT and CST to be eligible for selling in Amazon India.

Bank Account Information (Credit or Debit)

Following details should be provided as mentioned

  1. Account Holder name
  2. Bank IFSC Code
  3. Bank Account Number
  4. Account type

After the abovementioned is put into detail, a compulsory Amazon quiz should be taken and once finished, selling is now allowed for Amazon India.

Advantages of developing a self-e-commerce website designed for your very company is neglectable, to say the least. Payments, logistics, marketing, and maintenance are handled by the very website itself, to attend to your needs with the hassle-free environment. No longer will you feel any delays and subtle stops when processing information such as bank transactions and much more to ensure a comfortable and efficient way of managing your very own company. It is in a professional’s degree, that it is suitable for sellers, such as yourselves, to have the privilege to come to Amazon India.

Amazon India provides wide retail options for both the customer and the profitability of the Sellers. To wide arrays of Books, Fashion, Art, Technology, and much more. Please be guided accordingly, and remember, we help ensure the lifestyle for our dear retailers and customers most dearly. Be informed at all times necessary.

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