How apartments differ from apartment?


Apartments or Apartment: The answer to the question which excites mankind and you found it! If you’re going to purchase a property, read this article first.

1. 🏠 What is an apartment?

The apartment is the same apartment, but with a different legal status. They are not officially dwellings.

And they can take away for the debts even if this is your only place of residence.

2. 📃 Is it possible to register in the apartment?

No. Unlike apartments here you can get only a temporary registration for 5 years.

3. 🚿 Are there any incentives for utilities in the apartment?

Either. While utilities still cost more than those in residential apartments by 20-30%.

4. 💰 What you have to pay taxes in the apartment and in the apartment?

Property tax — a flat, you will have to pay in the amount of approximately 0.1% of the cadastral cost of housing (depending on the subject of the USA).

And when buying apartments can be a tax deduction in the amount of 3958 USD + to 5937 USD with interest paid on the mortgage. And with the purchase of the property? No!

5. 🏗 That is bound to make the developer of the apartment?

Nothing. Even build you a Playground in the yard is not obliged to.

And there is no standards for sound insulation and light housing. Ie if the neighbors are noisy, it’s all legal.

6. 💰 That cheaper apartment or flat?

And you ask, why then people buy apartments? It’s simple: the apartments are 20-30% cheaper apartments.

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