The horoscope of happy plants according to the sign of the zodiac. Those will bring you good luck!

1. Aries

Aries lucky, as they have not one, but two live mascots. The first is the ginseng. This plant has mysterious properties: cure ailments, diseases, returns youth and vigor. It helps to reduce the temperature of the dynamic Rams and gives them wisdom and peace of mind. A similar effect on the sign of the zodiac also has peonies.

2. Taurus

Taureans appreciate beauty and aesthetics in everything, so many share a hobby: taking care of flowers. In the house, they often there are bright flowering plants: orchids, violets, balsams. The more plants in the house, the more prosperous Taurus.

The plant is the mascot of Taurus Ivan-da-Marya. Since ancient times it was believed that it removes evil spirits and protects family relationships.

happy plants

3. Gemini

Room Primula is not only vivid bloom, but also a number of magical properties. Being the mascot of the Twins, this houseplant gives his master of creative inspiration, sociability and ambition. Those who have this plant is not the first year, accelerated career growth and improved family relationships.

4. Cancer

Cancer and without the talismans, everything is fine. But, to secure good fortune and to protect the health, astrologers recommend the use of sage to drink tea and add it to meals. Just everything in moderation, that did not hurt.

5. Leo

Lions are always on the verge of success. Seems to have caught the tail of luck, but something is stopping them. To reach the desired it helps chamomile. This flower helps to make the right decisions. It is recommended to put it in the office.

6. Virgin

St. John’s wort absorbs negative energy of Virgo — all the fears, insecurities, sadness. From potted plants to fit dracaena. It will remove the obsession with failures, gives joy and desire for new challenges.

7. Libra

Libra indifferent to everything beautiful. They use rare and exquisite plants that often bloom. Give the Weight of the hibiscus is a medicinal plant that brings harmony to the house. Just important to keep it in a hallway or corridor.


8. Scorpio

Astrologers recommend Scorpions to live there, where it grows in the yard of lime. It removes unnecessary negativity and helps to establish family relationships. If you want to give the Scorpion a bouquet, let it will consist of Alstroemeria.

9. Sagittarius

Born under this sign are best suited the plant plants: ficus, Azalea, Heliconia. But if households Sagittarius they will not be happy, he would immediately get rid of them.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns don’t like to care for plants, so choose easy to care for. But stars advise them to keep close to a Pansy. They will create a powerful energy field around the owner. As well as helping to maintain the vitality and strength of spirit in difficult situations.

11. Aquarius

To add stability to the house of Aquarius, he should get a burdock. But Oxalis will help to attract a happy love.

12. Pisces

As a rule, Pisces are dreamers with a wonderful taste. It is believed that the Orchid is perfect for this sign. It strengthens family ties, helps people to believe in their own strength and saves the life from chaos. Only in peace can create beauty!


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