Horoscope for a week from 3 to 9 December 2018


Horoscope: We are all humans, walk the earth and believe in what you see, hear or touch. Nevertheless, understand that we are just a part of a huge world whose borders don’t stop there beyond our sight.

Many of you wonder how the stars influence our destiny and whether they influence us at all? Answer – Yes, influenced, and sometimes very strongly. One of us understands that this is indeed the case, many refuse to believe it. But astrology is a science, and to deny the fact of the influence of certain factors on the heavenly man, his life, health, mood, mental, and physical health, and even success – it is simply impossible. We made up for each sign of the zodiac your horoscope for the week from 24 to 30 December 2018 that will help you somewhere right to schedule on certain days of the week, to regulate their conduct, highlighted aspects that you should pay attention to relieve yourself every day and to avoid mistakes and possible difficulties. Read horoscope for the week from 24 to 30 December 2018. Forewarned is forearmed.


For Aries, the week from December 24 to December 30, 2018, is not the easiest. There are events that you have not planned before, and they are very emotional. Gather your thoughts, and be able to keep the situation under control.

Tuesday is suitable for summarizing financial results, you are satisfied with the result. On Thursday there can be a holiday party, and you are in the thick of things! According to the horoscope for the week, your popularity with men pleases.

Weeks Aries completely devote themselves, and intend to spend time in a beauty salon or do pleasant shopping. A week for Aries will end with something unexpected and pleasant.



Tauruses have a very busy week from December 24 to December 30, 2018, and it is better to draw up an action plan on Monday. What does not require immediate decisions, can wait!

The environment for Taurus will provide the likelihood of a conflict at work, and the weekly horoscope recommends: try not to prove your case, so as not to lose your job. On Friday, deal with your loved one, it seems that he started an intrigue, which for you is very undesirable. And at the same time, you should consider whether you need to continue the relationship in the future.

Saturday is the best day of the week, you will spend it at home in a relaxed atmosphere.


According to the horoscope for the week from December 24 to December 30, 2018, the twins, with chagrin, must admit that the financial results do not please you at all. You have exhausted your opportunities, and now it’s time to think about how to change jobs soon. The meeting on Thursday may end very well, you offer cooperation.

A festive mood will appear at the end of the week from December 24 to December 30, and you have time to do a huge number of deferred cases. Gemini pleases the attention of a loved one, he prepares a surprise for you in advance, and you feel it. Horoscope advises for the week: Sunday, dedicated to parents, take time to visit.


And in crayfish, if you believe the horoscope’s forecasts for the week from December 24 to December 30, 2018, this is a very busy time, and you commit acts that you have not planned before. You may receive a proposal for a rather interesting trip, and you will find yourself in a place unfamiliar to you. Everything will be a budget, so do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Crayfish perfectly find a common language with their loved one, and relationships go to a new level of understanding. The horoscope for the week advises the crayfish: treasure the bright moments of your life! On Friday, update your existing job summaries; you will receive feedback very quickly. The weekend is positive and relaxing, filled with relaxation, crayfish have a great rest with relatives.


According to the horoscope for a week from 24 to 30 December 2018 from the Lions planned a whirlwind romance, and you want to spend time with a man who suddenly appeared in your life. Do not give up yourself, because the last time you were bored without men’s attention!

Tuesday take a final decision about the upcoming holiday, and most likely you will assume the duties of receiving guests at home. The number of duties increases, but the lions are full of enthusiasm.

On Thursday it will revise financial plans, think about what you need to do next year in the first place. The weekend cannot be planned, everything will go a completely different scenario.


Virgo, as always, worry about that don’t have time. You have a large amount of unfinished business at work, and the bosses may be unhappy. On Tuesday you need to exercise extreme caution in any conversation, you are in control! Thursday Virgo to change their plans and abandon any proposals you do not like the company where you are invited. There is an alternative, and very soon, so don’t worry that the holiday you spend bored.

Horoscope for the week from 24 to 30 December 2018 pleases virgins weekend is totally unpredictable and filled with pleasant events. They are associated with a man who is indifferent to you.


Libra anticipating that life will soon turn to you the best party. You are in love, and therefore emotions are the most pleasant character. You have signs of attention, and on Tuesday was invited to the restaurant or to the theater. Scales are ready to go anywhere, it is important for you to get to know her suitor.

Horoscope for the week from 24 to 30 December 2018 recommends: Thursday decide the issues related to close relatives, will not only give advice but also help financially. But you feel their worth, and proud of it. Saturday a bit spoil your mood, but you will quickly be able to rectify the situation.



According to the horoscope for a week from 24 to 30 December 2018 Scorpions is the problem of choice and you absolutely can’t make decisions. Pull yourself together and analyze the situation, if not impossible to do, ask advice from friends. The matter concerns large financial investment, and you are clearly at risk. By Wednesday all should be completed successfully. You start close to thinking about the upcoming holiday and want to make it very memorable. Are the expenses and you did not believe the money!
Romantic relationships may be mysterious, but you even like the fact that everything is so messy. The weekend the Scorpions are ready to spend at home, but it will not succeed.


The archers all week from 24 to 30 December 2018 are faced with the intrigue, you are someone crossed the road, and you’re trying to hurt. May occur calls that ruin the mood. Horoscope for the week warns most stressful day environment, you literally can’t find a place. It is best to take a break at work, and somewhere to go to change the situation completely. The more that archers have the option to celebrate the New year in good company and far from home. Listen to the advice of the horoscope for the week: if someone long ago tried to get your attention, then is the time for this man to respond to his feelings! Sunday brings clarity to a situation.


Capricorn according to horoscope for the week from 24 to 30 December 2018, it is easy to achieve the desired result at work, and the year ends you have in the best way. You spent a lot of effort and patience and you can wait for the cash bonus, which will be very useful for the preparation of the holiday. Capricorns are in a good mood, and all around rejoice with you. You tend to host a holiday in a family environment, and a few days is discussed all the questions. Thursday you are more suited to buying gifts, but his looks have to do on a Friday. At the end of week 24 to 30 Dec favorable, do not miss the chance.


Aquarians have decided to complete all the case started before the end of the year, and determined. You paint every day of the week from 24 to 30 December 2018, and you manage the impossible. Tuesday might be an important conversation with the boss, and if there was a question on the increase, it will be resolved for you positively.

Personal life in Aquarius, if to trust forecasts horoscope for the week, still confused, and apparently, so far there is nothing should not change. Just have to wait, because unforeseen events always arise unexpectedly. Moreover, now seeking new Dating undesirable men will prove too much unnecessary activity.


Fish all week from 24 to 30 December 2018 are trying to start a new novel, do you think that the end of the year is most suitable for it. You aspire to expand your circle of contacts, go to contacts that previously would not dare, in principle. Horoscope for the week recommends the fish: Wednesday is to think about Internet Dating, but do not give direct promises about the meeting!

The fish was a very full second half of the week from 24 to 30 December 2018, you sign a contract associated with a major purchase. Probably even loan processing. Saturday and Sunday for many fish the time for receiving gifts, and emotional background suitable for parties with friends.

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