Hair clips – fashion trend 2019

Hair clips

Hair clips: One of the fashion trends of this season – hairpins. With such a small detail, you can completely transform your daily hairstyle.

Let’s start with the fashion trends of 2019. Among the main ones: a scarf, hairpins, silver stealth, satin ribbons and hairpins. Choose an item depending on your styling concept.

You can also make haircut or hair coloring. Which one? All the secrets of this season are already in the material: fashionable haircuts for spring: trends 2019

Use lots of pins


They will not only help fix your styling but will also be able to transform the usual daily hairstyle. This option can be used with a smooth tail, weave or matched hair. The universal color of the accessory is silver. Many choose stealth in the form of leaves or other elements.

The hairpins, which are fastened crosswise, add spectacularity and originality to your styling.

Bulk hair clips

Bulk hair clips with beads, sequins, pearls. Such variation is to use in their styling. What clothes match? You can choose a romantic dress or culottes with sneakers.

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