Summer is the time of open windows and doors, looking for the outdoors to enter our home after a hard winter. However, this custom directly affects the cleaning in the home, because without realizing it we attract more dust from the outside. That’s why we propose several infallible tricks to combat it.

If you are constant and you get the proper appliances, you will say goodbye to the powder definitely. Try to carry out the following tips periodically and you will keep the mites out of your home.

• Ventilate the house by zones for 10 minutes a day.
To renew the air inside the home, it is only necessary to open the windows for 10 minutes a day just before beginning the cleaning. The trick to control the dust is to do it by zones, without putting the whole house in the current. Thus, it is easier to control the entry of dust and we can easily remove it with a damp cloth while we ventilate the next area.

• Cleans dust from top to bottom
Although it may seem obvious, this rule is not always met. It is essential to clean the dust from top to bottom, starting with lamps, fans or upper corners and then going down the level. If we do it the other way around, all the dust accumulated in the high areas will fall and the work will have to be repeated.

• Flee from the duster
The dusters of all life are the only thing they do is move the dust from one side to another, without catching it. The idea is to replace it with microfiber cloths, which are much more effective in attracting and absorbing dust like a magnet, without spreading it. Do not forget to wash them after using them.

• Aspire once a week
Dedicate time to vacuum the house once a week, with special emphasis on upholstery and fabrics. We talk about carpets, curtains (those big forgottens), pillows, mattresses, stuffed animals, and sofas. Insists especially on the seams, where a large amount of dust is concentrated. For this, the ideal is to use a 360º vacuum cleaner, which not only has a powerful motor but also reaches every corner of the house, allowing you to vacuum in all directions (vertical, horizontal and even flexible) and on all types of surfaces.

air purifier

• Use an air purifier
This appliance is designed to filter the air and collect even the smallest particles of dust, as well as pet hair, pollen, spores and chemicals in suspension. Therefore, it is a great ally when it comes to keeping our home clean.

• Use a doormat
Much of the dust that accumulates in homes comes from the street, hidden in the soles of shoes. For this reason, it is important to always have a mat at the door and vacuum it once a week. Another trick is to place the shoe rack in the entrance to replace the shoe with slippers.

• Check the air conditioner
After months of disuse, it is possible that the air conditioning filter has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt. Cleaning it thoroughly is a basic task in summer, as it will make the environment much healthier and keep the appliance in good condition. In many cases, the filters are disposable and can be replaced, so it is only a matter of buying new ones and placing them.

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