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Free VPN: what is it? Best VPN of 2019


Free VPN: In this article, you will learn about VPN (Virtual private network ) technologies.

What is a VPN?

VPN ( Virtual private network ) is a technology that allows you to use network connection over another network such as over the Internet.

VPN is implemented by installing special programs.

Why you need a VPN?

For the average user, a VPN allows you to hide your presence on the Internet.

First, the transmitted data is encrypted, so the ISP or the system administrator can track the history of visits to sites or data transmission with VPN involved.

Second, the Internet resources you visit, you will not be able to determine your real IP, because it will be changed by the VPN service to another IP.

The specified functionality will allow you not simply to leave traces of your connection when you visit websites, but to bypass the blocking sites application installed your ISP or system administrator.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to visit the blocked resources as if no lock was not.

Who needs a VPN?

  1. Corporate employees (employees in different organizations) who do not want to “burn” their online activities during working hours.
  2. Persons who wish to bypass the blocking of sites, installed on the provider level or the network.
  3. Those who seek to better protection online.
  4. To gain access to a remote network, for example with the purpose of uniting in a single network, multiple remote networks (used in professional activities, and most users don’t need).

Free CyberGhost VPN

Sorry, but the free version CyberGhost VPN is no longer supported. Find out about Opera VPN.

Consider the best free VPN (at least one of the best) – CyberGhost VPN.


Click “Anonymous navigation”


Then click “Start anonymous navigation”

After 2-3 minutes the VPN will be active and you will be able to use the Internet anonymously.

Capabilities and features of free VPN – CyberGhost VPN

  1. Hide your real IP when you visit the Internet.
  2. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, while every 3 hours the program will shut down. To enable VPN again simply to reconnect.
  3. Cryptography (encryption).
  4. VPN encrypts the data for all programs with an Internet connection.
  5. The appearance of the advertising window when you enable VPN.

Keep in mind that in some organizations, the attitude to the use of a VPN can be extremely negative.

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