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There are things that are better to keep with you in order to maintain a healthy romantic relationship and not get bogged down in quarrels. Who doesn’t want to be a couple like Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in the movie “Vacation Exchange”? Almost all mortals. If you want the same strong and sincere love, avoid such dangerous phrases, which we will talk about now.

After all, couples quarrel for silly reasons, which can lead to incurable wounds and even to divorce. Therefore, you need to avoid unnecessary and painful phrases that destroy any romantic relationship. Want to learn how to love your soulmate? Then be sure to find out how to love your man properly and do not repeat the mistakes that we will talk about now! Forward!

1. “My ex acted differently…”

My ex acted differently

Would you like it if you were compared to your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend or you mentioned her directly somehow? To your partner as well. This is why comparisons should be avoided. Even if you do it in the form of a joke, the mere mention of a past relationship will mean that you think about your ex. Therefore, forget about phrases such as “my ex acted differently” or “my ex paid me more attention.”

2. “It doesn’t matter”

It doesn't matter

If you are a secretive person and always avoid arguments, you should know that secrecy and isolation do not lead to anything good. You need to stop saying “it doesn’t matter” when you really want to express your feelings. Thus, you accumulate pain and at some point, you explode. The same thing happens with the manifestation of feelings that you really do not feel. Find a common language without lies and isolation.

3. “If you love me, then you will do what I ask.”

If you love me, then do what I ask

What is called “if you love me, then do what I ask.” You can’t think that if a person loves you, then he should do everything for you 24 hours a day. A loving person will do only what is best for you.

4. “If you were different …”

If you were different

Never say the phrase: “why you can’t be the same as … (ex-boyfriend’s name)”, “if you were different …”, “why you are always so … (not a very pleasant epithet).” Yes, we often want to change many features in the character of a partner. But think about yourself! Are you perfect? Drop your desires and accept the person as he is. Otherwise, you know where the door is.

5. “Where have you been, when, and with whom?”

Where were you, when and with whom

Sometimes a real police inspector wakes up in you and you want to know where your lover was, with whom, when he returned and with whom he corresponded on social networks. And this is not cool at all. Also, you can’t ask him to show his phone (calls and messages), because you violate his personal space and destroy his trust.

6. “Don’t take it to heart, but …”

Don't take it to heart, but

There are words that level all subsequent words of the phrase, no matter how good they are. For example: “do not take it to heart, but …”. As soon as you pronounce the first part of the phrase, everything else does not matter anymore, as it will be painful for your partner anyway.

7. “I should not report to you!”

I should not report to you!

First, do not explain for any reason. Secondly, if you have not done anything criminal, you should not make excuses for any reason. And if you did, then explain yourself without gross and absurd excuses.

8. “If it wasn’t for you this wouldn’t have happened.”

If it wasn't for you this wouldn't have happened

Forget the phrase “if it wasn’t for you, this would not have happened.” Trying to blame the other person for what you did yourself is a big trick and meanness. Understand that it is only your fault, even if it has reasons created by your beloved. If you apologize, your partner will do it too.

9. “I don’t deserve you”

I don't deserve you

If after any quarrel you start to feel sorry for yourself and say “I do not deserve you” or “you need someone better than me”, try to forget about these humiliations forever. Start appreciating yourself and don’t make him prove you the opposite. This does not motivate a partner but only makes it worse. You think this is a compliment to the partner, but in fact, it is a manipulation.

10. “I can’t take it anymore”

I can't

Don’t be fooled! The fact that Noah and Ellie do not stop arguing after reconciliation, then reconcile and argue again does not mean that they are a perfect match. Yes, after long years of life, illusions are destroyed, the idyll disappears, but to continue a relationship filled with quarrels is a real torment. Do not deceive your partner in anything, do not hurt, be sincere, and do not keep everything in yourself. With any difficulties, try to maintain a relationship, because true love does not go anywhere. Only in this way will relations become stronger.

11. “You’re constantly lying to me.”

You lie to me all the time

Do you know that stupid disputes are the main destroyer of relationships? Scientists have proven that in most cases, small quarrels turn into inveterate abuse, rupture, and divorce. Small disputes are born precisely because of stupid and painful phrases that must be permanently deleted from use. Although cheating and lying are powerful destroyers of romantic relationships, it is these phrases that start hurting and displeasing our soul mates.

Rules to help maintain your relationship

  1. Never compare him with anyone, especially with your ex.
  2. Avoid emotional blackmail.
  3. Do not try to change it. If the partner is not happy with something, then look for the problem in yourself.
  4. Do not keep everything to yourself. The phrases “nothing, everything is normal” with the complete opposite of mood can destroy the relationship. Your partner has the right to know what is happening to you, what is his fault, and how to correct the situation, how to explain.
  5. Do not underestimate yourself. Cross out the Hollywood phrases “I don’t deserve you” or “I can’t give you what you really deserve.”

Do you want to maintain a healthy, sincere, honest, romantic relationship? Then be sure to remember the forbidden phrases and actions that in no case can be done in relation to your beloved. Of course, this is not magic that will give an idyll for life. But these are the tips that will make your relationship strong, honest, real, and harmonious.

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