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Five important rules for choosing perfumes: how to test flavors?


Perfumes: Choosing your perfect perfume is quite difficult because, in order to choose a fragrance, you need to distinguish between aromatic notes and know some rules. Let’s talk?

The first thing you need to do is determine the main note of your new fragrance. The whole composition will depend on this. It can be spicy, sweet, oriental, woody, fruit, etc.

Let’s start with the basic rules when choosing perfumes. You can also pass our beauty test, which will help you choose the perfect bottle: TEST: which flavor will suit you?

Choose a perfume in the morning

1. Choose perfumes in the morning

Perfumes should be chosen in the morning when the store still does not feel different aromatic notes from other fragrances that we tested before. Moreover, our sense of smell perceives smells better, in the first half of the day.

2. Do not use perfumes on this day

If you are going to choose a new fragrance – do not apply your favorite perfumes or any other means with a fragrance. This will bring down and prevent you from correctly identifying perfume notes.

3. Do not test more than three flavors

You should not test more than three flavors in one day. Why? Our sense of smell simply will not perceive the perfumery notes of the following bottles. That is why coffee beans are used to help neutralize the smell.

Do not test more than three fragrances

4. Give the flavor time

If you have chosen perfume – do not buy a bottle immediately. Spray on the skin where the vessels are located close to the skin and give the aroma some time. After all, perfumery notes can change throughout the day.

5. The correct flavor test drive

There are several options for testing aroma. The first is to spray onto the blotter. This is a white strip of special paper that you could see in perfume stores. The second is to try immediately on the skin. The sound of notes may vary. Remember that if you apply aroma to fabrics, it can be distorted (especially with synthetic materials).

And how do you choose perfumes? Please let us know in the comment section.

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