Girls spend a lot of effort and money on cosmetics for hair care. To make the effect of them much better – let’s take a look at the main mistakes that we make every day.

Hair care includes a lot of items, ranging from the temperature of water to the choice of the right comb. Sounds very simple? It would seem simple manipulations, but they take a lot of time. Especially in the morning when you need to run to work and do not have time.

Here are the five main mistakes in hair care:

1. Wash your hair with hot water.

In order to have beautiful shiny hair, you need to learn how to control the temperature of the water, and contrasting transitions of warm and slightly cold water stimulate growth.

2. Use hair shampoo once

Any shampoo should be applied twice. The first is for cleansing from dirt, and the second is for obtaining the desired effect (eg, hair restoration). It is best to have a couple of jars in your arsenal and alternate them from time to time. It will not be addictive and dry out your hair.


3. Wear a towel on your head.

It is convenient, but provokes breakage and split ends. There is an exit! Allow hair to dry (10-15 minutes). Just blot with a towel (microfiber is best). This material is the least traumatic to the cuticle. You will have time to make coffee and then proceed to the hot styling.

4. You do not need oil for hair

You do not need oil for hair, it still will not save already damaged hair. The oil contains a lot of useful components that restore, nourish and nourish the hair. An excellent alternative to conventional thermal protection.

5. Use the cheapest hair comb

Who would have thought that a hairbrush would “prevent” growth? A good accessory will not only unravel the hair but also massage the scalp (at the expense of teeth), which activates the penetration of any components of cosmetics. For example, ampoules from falling out.

The main enemy in the care of hair and skin is haste. An additional 15 minutes in the morning will be able to “save” your tips from reckoning for mistakes when washing your head.

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