Extreme selfie: 25 frames, for which they risked their life


Here is the extreme selfie: 25 frames, for which they risked their life prepared by Sprintally 

A protective suit will not help if you suddenly break down right in the lava lake…

To make this shot, I climbed on the roof of the Votive Church in Vienna, Austria.

Desperate girl! Do not be afraid to jump off a cliff, and even take a picture at the same time…

So you can not get the parachute to open…

And for the sake of this photo is it worth to risk your life?

And where is the guarantee that a lion suddenly decides to bite the hand or even a person to break?

To get out of the protective cage for a selfie with a great white shark or the courage, or stupidity.

To be photographed standing on the step of a flying helicopter, scary, even with insurance. Where is the guarantee that will not break?

The delight of the surrounding beauty and understanding that has conquered another top! But vigilance is of the essence – one hesitant step and can be broken.

What she’s doing, so, in fact, the light in the neighborhood! Perhaps, many thought, but actually not so scary, because the car is worth.

And again Yaroslav Segeda. This time he and his friends decided to be photographed against the background of the Dnieper river.

View of the Rio de Janeiro statue of Christ the Redeemer. Boldly, what else to say…

Here is the crater of the volcano ERTA-ale, Ethiopia. As we see this photo, so the man still survived.

While some protest, photographed in front of burning police motorbike in Brussels, Belgium.

After heavy rains in Santiago (Chile) Mapocho river broke through the dam and washes away everything in its path, but this man seems to be such little things do not care.

If you reached the top of the jutting rocks of the cliff, it is a sin not to do so. Just try not to look down!

This man is not afraid of strong wind or high waves. The main thing is to make a good photo.

The man doing a selfie on the background of tens of thousands of people celebrating the arrival of spring in Diyarbakir, Turkey. It would seem, what’s wrong? Nothing, unless you are afraid of heights.

The diver decided to take a picture with a shark until she realized that he was completely defenseless…

Ukrainian extreme Yaroslav Segeda has conquered another high-rise building in Kiev, capital of Ukraine.

Alain Robert, known as Spiderman, taking a selfie on top of the buildings in the business district of La défense, Courbevoie, France.

To be photographed standing on the edge of a high building – a bold decision, because in the event of a fall to survive is unlikely.

Parachute behind – is, of course, good, but to do a selfie before the jump still scary.

A fire at an oil well, it seems, does not afraid of this man instead of evacuating to a Safe place, he’s doing a selfie.

Urban climber Yaroslav Segeda at the top of a tall building in Kiev, Ukraine.

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