Initially, the toad aha, whose poison is deadly, lived only on the territory of the American continent. But the Europeans who settled in Australia are known to be great lovers of someone hooked up in the wild nature of the continent in order to improve it. Since wild camels, millions of rabbits, and cats were not impressed by the Australians, they decided to bring poisonous large toads.

Why Do Australian Dogs Adore Toad aha?

Frog Toad aha

The purpose of the next introduction was quite noble: to save the sugar plantations from the pests annoy farmers. In the role of Savior of the fields have been selected omnivorous cane toad or toad aha (lat. Rhinella marina) that lives in the vast Central and South America. It is a large amphibian, reaching 17-24 inches and weight more than 1 kilogram. The venom of these frogs is extremely toxic, and the tribes of Indians in the jungles of America have traditionally used it for hunting, oiling them arrowheads.

Given the large size and omnivorous toad aha, they had decided to release on the plantation of yams and sugar cane, to help farmers resist the invasion of pests. These frogs were introduced to Hawaii, the island States of the Caribbean, the Philippines, the Ryukyu Islands, and the Ogasawara belonging to Japan.


In 1935, 3000 toad aha was released in the fields in the state of Queensland in northeast Australia. But, as often happens in Australia, the process of introduction did not go as planned. The fact that frogs found in Australia and other victims quickly left the field of reeds, went to conquer the vastness of the continent. Since then, the promotion of cane toads on the South and West of the continent regularly receives the latest news.


Not having a large number of natural enemies, poisonous toad aha feel very comfortable in Australia. Each year, their habitat shifts by 20–25 kilometers, and their gluttony bears a danger to both the prey species and the native species with which these amphibians compete for food resources.

In America, there are many species of animals that are either immune to the poison of these toads or eat the least toxic parts of the body, thus limiting the number of amphibians. Well, in Australia there is so far only one bird – the Australian crow, which hunts for toads aha.

The only one who rad the rapid invasion of poisonous toads in Australia, are dogs. Pets, finding a walking cane toad, start to lick, and then fall into a state of euphoria and joy, something resembling alcoholic intoxication in humans. This effect causes a small number of poison frogs, which is on the surface of the body, and dogs, wanting to get a portion of laughing “cocktail” never miss a chance to lick cane toads.

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