How to convert a torrent download to direct URL download?

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torrent url to direct url
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In the past few years, torrents have been a great way to download data but there seems to be one small problem that most people encounter, and that problem is that they need a bit torrent client. That is in the past; today we can get this data without having to find a great torrent client by simply downloading the data directly from a URL link.

The easiest way to convert to direct download is to click the magnet link icon that most torrent websites provide. By doing so the link is saved, per se, at which point the next best thing is to find a website that stores said link, the file is then is saved and cached on said website and that is it. The link that was saved is now in the website’s cache and should give you the option to download/save. Some of the websites that may help one do this are; the lacunablog, alldebrid, zbigz, and bitport to name a few. With the help of these websites, you do not need to worry about how long a download will take or if people will be uploading when you want to download because it will be downloaded directly from the source which is the website that cached the file.

Another similar way to direct download is to download the data from a torrent website instead of clicking the magnet link. The main difference here is that once the file is saved, you should open the folder that it was placed in and then choose a website to help you with the direct download. Again the websites above will provide a direct link once you “upload” the file into their systems; it will cache it then give you the option to download. Once the download is complete it is usually in a Zip file which WinZip will help you unzip the data. The only other way to directly download data is to use the Internet Download Manager. Similar to the other ways, you save the link to the data that you want to download and just paste the link into the Internet Download Manager. This then downloads the data directly with no hassles at all.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding a torrent server, just use one of these three direct download options, whether it is to use the magnet link, saving the file or the Internet Download manager and you will be set, nice and easy.

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