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BSNL FTTH review / BSNL Fiber Review / BSNL Fiber Scam 2021


Hello Friends, I’m Azahar Ahmed, A young Engineer / Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Motivational speaker from Nagaon, Assam (India). I’m a BSNL FTTH / BSNL Fiber subscriber and have been using it since August 2020. So I would like to share my experience with BSNL FFTH.

Here is my detailed review of BSNL FTTH / BSNL Fiber

I have paid a total of RS: 12032 (Including GST) on the day of the connection to the contractor named GULAB COMPUTER, Juria, Nagaon(Assam) that includes two core fiber cables 700 meters, 1 ONU, Splicing, Labour Fiber Laying. Where he had the charged double amount from me than the actual cost of 2 core fiber cables without my knowledge.

It was going well the first 3 to 4 months but, day by day, it has become worst. After four months, there were lots of power cut issues because the contractor of BSNL FFTH at my location can’t handle all the customers because of poor power backup or maintenance.

We, customers, keep requesting him to make some power arrangements but he never listens to us. He wants more money with fewer expenses. This issue happens when there is no electric current for a longer time or because of lower voltage but this is not acceptable since he is providing service so he must provide power backup since he taking lots of commission from BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).

Now after 10 months, I’m facing critical issues with this poor FTTH service which is managing via a poor contactor having less knowledge and with an aggressive attitude towards his customers. When I call him to fix my issue he keeps saying that this is happening for fault in the cable but till today he couldn’t figure out the actual issue. If I request him to fix my issue as soon as possible, then he gets angry over me and answers ” It’s your issue if you know much about it then fix it by yourself, I don’t get much commission from also give me more customers so, I will fix your line”

I would like to request the BSNL team to take action against this type of poor contractor to give better service to their valuable customers. They are ones for whom customers are losing faith in BSNL.

For reference, I’m attaching the cash memo provided by the contractor at the beginning time.

Cash Memo

I'm Azahar Ahmed, A young Engineer from Nagaon, Assam (India). I'm the Founder & CEO of Sprintally.

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