BMT Micro Payment service provider scam

BMT Micro Payment Service Provider

Hello, Guys; I’m Azahar Ahmed, a Young Engineer from India. I want to share my experience with the BMT Micro Payment service provider. I had ordered [ Order ID: 43967187 ] an item from here ” ” Aug 29, 2020. The software was not working correctly, and the developer stops responding to all my tickets on their support portal. I had been waiting for six months for that developer’s response.

I had no options left other than contacting the ” BMT Micro ” Support Team Since I used their payment gateway to purchase the software. When I contacted them to request for refund of my hard-earned money; At first, they told me to discuss with the seller of the software to resolve the issue. Then I created the ticket again and messaged the developer on Skype messenger, but the seller refused to fix the problem I was facing with their software, and they told me they couldn’t refund me for their buggy product.

Then I returned to the BMT Micro Payment service provider and emailed them so many times. Still, they always keep telling me to contact the developer even after showing them the proof of conversations. Now I feel like both the software developer and the BMT Micro Payment service provider are scammers. They have eaten my hard-earned money for the things which never worked for me.

So, I would like to advise all my brothers and sisters that you never pay with such a worst payment service provider if you care about your hard-earned money and time. They allow a scammer to sell products. They don’t care if you lost your money since they are also getting commissions from each transaction, no matter whether that is a fake product or a genuine product. Please don’t fall for their unnatural and paid review on some websites. I have been using PayPal for the last ten years with no problem, but there were no other payment options on that product page, so I had no other options to use PayPal.

My Opinions About BMT Micro Payment service for other people

I would also like to request you to share this article with everyone so no one ever falls into such a trap with the BMT Micro Payment service provider. Once you send money or buy a product with the BMT Micro Payment service provider, your money will be gone forever whiter you get the things for which you paid for not. So remember that safety is better than sorry.

Reference for BMT Micro scam

For reference, I’m attaching the proof of transaction and conversations with the BMT Micro Payment service provider and the Seller.

BMT Micro Order Receipt (43967187)

BMT Micro Scam 1

BMT Micro Scam 2

Smart Post SAAS Addon
Smart Post SAAS Addon. Conversations with seller
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  • Avatar photo Jay
    August 27, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    They scammera. They claim they never gotten any emails from me but yet they replied to some of them and kept on taking my money. They lucky I didn’t get a lawyer. I had contact my bank and lie I lost my card just to get a new one and freeze that one so they can stop taking my money. I will never trust bmt micro ever again.

  • Avatar photo BMT MIcro
    BMT MIcro
    March 22, 2021 at 8:25 pm

    Hi Azahar, we’re sorry to hear that you had issues with getting a refund! It is my understanding that you have been in contact with our team and we are working to get you your refund. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know!


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