Best sound system for summer parties and outdoor huts

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Best Sound System

Looking for the best sound system? The rocker is back. For those who want to listen to music on the beach or outdoor party this summer, there is a bunch of options.

This is the list of best sound system

JBL Boombox

Jbl Boombox

Plus: Waterproof. Long battery life. Poor bass and good sound quality.
Minus: No tone controls. High price tag.
Comment: JBL has taken the essence of the old-age boombox and made the best modern version of it. The size is right, the design is modern and it’s easy enough to actually carry on it. In spite of the tight format, Boombox has volume resources that are enough and over. A definite favorite for summer parties.
Price: ₹26,990.00
Rating: 5/5

Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9

Plus: Replaceable battery pack. Playing loud and powerful.
Minus: Not weather resistant.
Comment: When you look at it, you can say that it’s a party speaker that can not play the right music, but it actually does. However, Exos-9 does not really fit like a boombox because it’s difficult to carry around. And because it is not durable, you should not take it to the beach.
Price: ₹52,999.00
Rating: 3/5

Braven XXL

Braven Xxl

Plus: Robust. Microphone input and USB charger. Unexpectedly good sound.
Minus: Heavy to carry around. Requires a special charger.
Comment: Braven XXL has a classic boombox format but is a bit heavy to carry around. In addition to Bluetooth, there is auxiliary input and as a bonus both microphone input and USB charger for the mobile. The sound is sophisticated enough to handle many music styles.
Price:   ₹ 29,775.00
Rating: 3/5

Sony GTK-XB60

Sony Gtk-Xb60

Plus: Delicious design. USB charger.
Minus: Short battery life with all the features on.
Comment: Without a doubt the most festive, with its colorful lights and stroboscope lights. If the sound is not enough, you can connect multiple speakers for an even more powerful volume. The XB60 can handle many music styles, but it requires an everlasting screw on the settings to get really good.
Price: ₹ 31,659.00
Rating: 3/5

Monster superstar blaster

Monster Superstar Blaster

Plus: Can play insanely high and tolerate being taken everywhere.
Minus: Weighs relatively much. Just Bluetooth and aux-in.
Comment: Rugged and rugged as few and play both dazzlingly loud and with pressure in the base. Nevertheless, it is well-renewed. In addition, the price, compared with the others in the test, is really good.
Price: ₹23,392.00
Rating: 5/5

Vooni Boombox

Vooni Boombox

Plus: Many decibels per crown. Many audio sources.
Minus: Cheap, eye-catching construction. Sounds awful.
Comment: When packing up Vooni Boombox, you actually get a bit full of laughter. It’s so big that you think it’s a joke. Then you try to lift it out of the carton and get a shotgun, then you will stop laughing. They cannot believe this is portable?
Price: ₹ 20553.87
Rating: 1/5

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