Undoubtedly, fans of Brad Pitt are extremely pleased with every new film with the participation of their favorite actor. We suggest you remember which films led the actor to the peak of glory – we prepared for you the best films with Brad Pitt. Enjoy watching.

1. Fight Club

Fight Club

Year: 1999

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: David Fincher

Duration: 131 minutes

Another thriller from David Fincher. The fateful film, which the US authorities were afraid to let out in hiring All were afraid of occurrence of the present fighting clubs in America.

The film tells us about a man suffering from insomnia. To be precise, he himself will tell us about it because we do not recognize his name until the very end of the film, his story is called “Narrator”. He works in hated work and lives a very tedious life. Painfully and uselessly lives day by day.

Everything changes after meeting with a certain Tyler Durden, who is a soap trader with a very unusual philosophy. He is sure that self-destruction is the only thing for which it is worth living on Earth, and self-improvement is the destiny of the weak.

Fate again brings them together in a short time, now they are sitting in a bar and drinking beer, talking about life. After a while, they already beat each other in the backyard and decide to organize a fighting club, in which they want to bring as many people as possible so that they will learn the joys of cruelty.

Gradually the club grows into a completely new project, which can lead to irreversible consequences.

Cinema Search: 8,657

2. The big jackpot

the big jackpot

Year: 2000

Genre: crime, comedy

Director: Guy Ritchie

Length: 102 minutes

The whole story is tied around Frank, nicknamed Four-fingered Franky. He gets a responsible job from his boss – to transport a huge diamond from England to the United States. Of course, it’s just that everything will not go away and Frank is in for a lot of trouble. He stakes in one of the boxing matches and this brings him into a whirlpool of completely unsuitable events for him.

Now he and his diamond in the thick of events and all the London rabble tries to kidnap him. Everyone wants to break a big jackpot.

Cinema Search: 8,53

3. Seven


Year: 1995

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: David Fincher

Length: 127 minutes

Another detective story from the famous David Fincher. History tells us about the young detective Mills, who moved with his wife to another city. Immediately upon entering the service, he gets into the partners of detective William Somerset – the best in the criminal investigation department, long dreaming to retire to well-deserved rest. William must train Mills and calmly go to rest. However, plans change, because in the city there is a terrible murder. The detective immediately understands that one murder will not end.

A sharp mind rarely makes mistakes, and this time he was also right. There followed a whole series of murders on religious grounds. The offender punishes his victims for deadly sins.

Cinema Search: 8,297

4. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's Eleven

Year: 2001

Genre: thriller, crime

Director: Steven Spielberg

Duration: 116 minutes

In the center of events is the thief Danny Ocean, who just left the prison, on parole. Not a day goes by as he plans a new robbery. And not ordinary, but the real grandiose robbery for 160 million dollars. All this money he plans to take in the vaults, the three most famous casinos in Las Vegas.

History is complicated by the fact that the owner of the casino is Terry Benedict, meets with Denny’s former wife Tess. It would seem a coincidence. Or is this the reason?

The team is dialed instantly. Now Danny has 11 best experts in his business who are ready to fill up their pockets with a tidy sum. The catch is whether Danny will be able to choose between the girl of her dreams or huge money if the situation turns out to be pathetic …

Cinema Search: 8,104

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Year: 2008

Genre: fiction, drama

Director: David Fincher

Length: 166 minutes

An unusual film, one of a kind. We have to get acquainted with a man who was born at the age of eighty years and began to grow young. All the processes went in the reverse order. His story begins in 1918 in New Orleans and gradually takes us to the 21st century. The story of a unique person who has experienced much on his amazing life path. We will experience with his love and joy, and we will share sadness and pain from the loss.

Cinema Search: 8,039

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