9 Best cPanel alternatives

cpanel alternatives

cPanel alternatives: Hosting control panel is a management program for web hosting which enables you to control the cloud-based services. This is a program that helps to process hosting of emails, domains, etc. The easy hosting control panel is widely known for email forwarding, catch emails and to do autoreply. Let us see some top alternatives for the easy hosting control panel.


UNIX / Linux system administrators use Webmin as an open source web-based interface. It is considered as a powerful tool. Webmin is a program that enables the user to set up an account, domain name system, file sharing, etc directly from the browser.


Cpanel again is a platform that supports Linux administrators. It is well known for the tremendous support and excellent features they possess.



Different from the other two it is a complete modular open source especially meant for ISPs. The open panel is one of the oldest team in the business, they are in the scene since the 1990s


Ajenti is one of the giants in the field when comes to hosting control panel alternatives. Ajenti is an open source panel designed mainly to support the process of configuration and administration. Ajenti comes with a large number of features such as a large collection of plugins.

Vesta control panel

Vesta control panel stands out because of its cleverness. The system is mainly oriented to reduce the ergonomics of the control panel. Vesta control system is absolutely free software but requires some plugins for the proper action.

ISP Config

ISP Config is an open source control panel similar to Webmin and cpanel, it is system meant for LINUX platform. The program is licensed too. Thus it is reliable, secure, and stable for operations. According to the statistics, they demand an average download of more than 40000 downloads a month

Server Pilot

Server Pilot.it is a cloud-based program which is oriented to run the websites coded in PHP and word press. It facilitates cloud server for professional hosting.


Sentora is free software developed for hosting control panels for Linux, BSD and UNIX based systems. This an easy to use the system, that enables the installation and running in a short time.


Froxlor is a very advanced system. The system is oriented to customer service and server management applications. Froxlor is must have tool for a web hosting provider or a company which is into web hosting business.

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